Sage Fixed Assets is one of the most comprehensive, easy-to-use fixed asset management solutions designed to meet the needs of any sized business. From acquisition through disposal, Sage Fixed Assets helps you gain absolute control over your entire fixed-asset lifecycle, at a price you can afford.

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  • Depreciation

    Manage your fixed assets effectively and save yourself thousands of dollars every year by making sure they are all accounted for throughout their life cycle. Sage Fixed Assets - Depreciation encompasses more than 50 depreciation methods, 30 ready-to-use fixed asset reports, and more than 300,000 IRS and GAAP principles to help your business succeed.

  • Planning

    Effectively manage every step of your company’s fixed-asset lifecycle with efficient asset inventory tracking, customized reporting, and comprehensive depreciation calculations for financial and tax reporting. Sage Fixed Assets allows you to manage as many projects as you need, and at the same time keep track of all your assets.

  • Reliable Tracking & Reporting

    Sage Fixed Assets helps your business by increasing accuracy, eliminating redundant data entry and reducing costs. Create a complete inventory and help eliminate assets that may be unaccounted for. This will help you get the most accurate and reliable picture. In maintaining an accurate inventory count, you can save time and money on unnecessary insurance payments and property taxes.

  • Best Fit

    Sage Fixed Assets comes in a variety of editions. The Government Edition is designed to meet the requirements and needs of government organizations and schools. The Canadian Edition manages the requirements of Canadian businesses and is particularly designed to adhere to Canadian tax laws and rates. For those in the Non-Profit sector, this unique edition allows you to keep track of the forms you need to file.