Sage Inventory Advisor is a cloud-based Inventory Management Software Solution. It is an analytics and forecasting tool that allows companies to use their own business data to keep track of current stock and upcoming orders. This robust solution allows businesses to adjust inventory by demand and therefore free up capital that is currently in stock.
  • Intuitive Interface & Dashboard

    With an easy-to-use web & mobile interface, you’ll be able to reduce time spent on forecasting by as much as 50%. With a Dashboard that instantly provides critical inventory levels, this solution will assist in reducing excess inventory and improve inventory returns. This impressive solution allows clear visibility to inventory management KPIs and financials, and lets you drill down to data.

  • Full Integration

    Inventory Advisor integrates seamlessly with all Sage systems and analyzes inventory data. Together, these solutions identify where the largest improvements can be made, create detailed forecasts, and make optimal replenishment recommendations. As a completely cloud-based solution, it is fast to implement and quick to access from a web or mobile device.

  • Cloud Deployment

    Access your data anytime, anywhere. No local server installation is required, and it’s completely worry-free when it comes to updates and maintenance. Since everything lives on the cloud, the solution allows for rapid deployment and flexible scalability. Considered by many as best-in-class, Sage Inventory Advisor is highly secure with PGP data encryption/decryption.

  • Order Scheduling & Management

    This inventory management solution indicates what items to order and when to order them, to prevent stock-outs or surplus. Sage Inventory Advisor organizes and tracks purchase orders, provides a view of existing orders, exceptions on which orders to amend, and even exceptions for order cleanup.

  • Inventory Monitoring & Forecasting

    Sage Inventory Advisor gives you an early warning when stock is running out, or when surplus orders take place. Not only that, it also recommends optimal replenishment and allows for intervention. By classifying items into nine categories based on metrics such as velocity (times sold), quantity sold/consumed, or margin, it allows you to identify and focus on important items.

  • Graphic Data

    With all this critical information built to deliver optimal inventory performance, what better way to view it than interactive reports? Improve inventory management by providing critical and detailed information, allowing you to optimize your inventory, improve fill rates, and completely eliminate stock outs.

  • Supplier Performance

    Most critically, Sage Inventory Advisor shows you supplier performance, helping you identify good or poor performers, and plan purchasing accordingly. Through relevant charts, you’ll be able to set dynamic safety stock based on your supply risk for optimal inventory management.