Over the last decade, Shopify has solidified itself as a leader in eCommerce and POS systems. The ease-of-use is so strong that Shopify is suitable for entrepreneurs and enterprises alike. By integrating Shopify with your ERP solution, your online store, your brick-and-mortar locations and your back office management are all housed in one place, cutting out manual re-entry of data and centralized, whole-business reporting.

  • Cut manual data entry and re-entry

    This tight integration makes use of automation to pass information between your ERP and your Shopify instance. Orders that come in through Shopify can automatically be communicated to your warehouse management for a shorter order-fulfilment time. Invoices can automatically be generated once the order is received. The integration also stops the need for your team members to take data from a standalone eCommerce store into your financial software.

  • Shorten order fulfilment times

    Making use of your platform’s inventory management system, integration with Shopify means that orders can be reconciled with on-hand stock levels. Automation can pass order data from your Shopify to your warehouse floor, ready to be picked and dispatched to your customer, with as few touchpoints as possible, shortening the time it takes for orders to be processed and shipped.

  • Manage your store from anywhere

    Shopify is a cloud-native app, meaning you can access it on any device, from anywhere. When used with an ERP that resides and operates in the cloud, the real-time exchange of data happens whether or not you are at the office. The exchange of data also means that when a customer tries to order an item, Shopify can check your inventory level and relay that back to the customer before they can continue their purchase, ultimately leading to a much better customer experience.

  • Get whole-business reporting

    Bring your online store, physical store and your head office into one place, a single source of truth for your company. Leverage the reporting features of your ERP system to track financials from all parts of the business. Compare sales to returns, track your overall shipping costs, and use all of the data to make future decisions.

Ready to integrate with Shopify?