Developed specifically for Sage 300, the TaiRox suite adds key components to help increase efficiency and cut down on tedious tasks. Different modules within the suite give you advanced functionality that enables cross-checking of data, bulk actions and customization of features, giving you more control over your Sage 300 instance.

  • Automate G/L Consolidation

    Simplify your financial consolidation processes with Automate G/L Consolidation. Perform hundreds of consolidation operations in a single step, eliminating tedious export and import steps. Whether running as a Windows Scheduled Task or through a user interface, this tool allows you to post or provisionally post G/L batches in one fell swoop.

  • Download Rates

    Download Rates is your solution for accurate exchange rates in Sage 300. Copy interbank rates from internet services to your databases with ease. Set it up as a daily task or run it manually. Adjust downloaded rates by a specified percentage for precise future settlement representation. The mapping table translates ISO to Sage 300 Currency Codes, providing practical support for Sage 300 "spreads."

  • Productivity Tools

    Productivity Tools adds hundreds of features to Sage 300, including adding enhancements to the order entry screen, allowing you to manage accounts across multiple companies, and update hundreds of orders or POs in one step. Enjoy an internet-like search engine for customers, vendors, and items, plus much more.

  • SOX Check Approval – Web Screens

    Take control of Sage 300 payment approval and check printing with SOX Check Approval. Prepare payment batches, submit for approval, and have managers approve payments from an easy-to-use console. Ensure checks are removed from batches before printing. Integrations with Altec DocLink and Orchid Document Management Link are available for enhanced functionality.

  • SOX Second Sight

    Ensure the integrity of your financial data with SOX Second Sight. Confirm that the Sage 300 user posting a General Ledger, Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable batch has not been involved in the preparation of that batch, providing an extra layer of security and accountability.

  • TaiRox Collections

    Integrated into the Sage 300 desktop, TaiRox Collections lets you manage overdue payments, disputed invoices, promised payments, alerts, cases, and communications all from a dedicated collections dashboard. Seamlessly handle CRM sales pipelines, support cases, and collections without complex licensing schemes.

Data Management Enhancements

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  • Copy Company

    Effortlessly replicate Sage 300 company structures with Copy Company. Create a new company without copying transactions, including general ledger accounts, customers, vendors, inventory items, employees, and more.

  • Fast Clear History

    Speed up your Sage 300 clear history operations with Fast Clear History. Perform operations in a fraction of the time taken by standard utilities, with several options available to clear additional data.

  • Fast Data Integrity

    Enhance data integrity checking with Fast Data Integrity. Achieve 100x-1000x performance gains on large databases, restricting tests to recent fiscal years to eliminate old noise from the error log.

  • Fast Database Management

    Manage Sage 300 databases efficiently with Fast Database Management. Benefit from TaiRox Fast libraries to perform database operations 4-6 times faster than standard operations. Copy large databases within a smaller time window with ease.

  • Optional Field Manager

    Streamline operations on Sage 300 optional fields with Optional Field Manager. Delete old optional fields, add optional field values, rename optional fields, and update optional field counts seamlessly.

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