Timberscan is a fully integrated Accounts Payable solution for Sage 300 CRE Users. It not only arms you with automated workflows and intelligent processing tools, but gives you exceptional reporting capabilities – helping you make well-informed, timely decisions. Easy to use and quick to navigate, TimberScan dramatically improves accounts payable processing and provides exceptional enterprise content management for those using Sage 300 CRE.

TimberScan Benefits

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  • Reduce Manual Data Entry

    Acquiring invoices and documentation is simple with TimberScan. The intuitive Email Monitoring feature extracts attachments sent to designated inboxes and saves them to your TimberScan database, automatically. Use drag and drop or scanning to acquire supporting documents, too. With integration seamlessly into Sage 300 CRE, there is an automatic data flow and up-to-date master file information. Moving to all digital means a reduction in the amount of paper used.

  • Accelerate the AP Process

    By automating workflows, most TimberScan clients experience an accelerated AP approval process of 50% or more. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) invoice processing and automated coding with our Smart Extraction technology means invoices are processed hands-free, saving you time on every invoice received. TimberScan also saves money on paper, toner, storage, express mail fees, and other costs traditionally associated with accounts payable processing.

  • Reduce Fraud Risk

    TimberScan’s simplified AP approvals workflows saves time and enables auditing and tracking of invoices through automatic routing to the appropriate approvers based on various criteria, such as role, vendor, job, commitment, and more, while also supporting multiple approval levels, user-defined dollar thresholds, and the ability to split invoices and route them to different approvers based on different jobs.

  • Get Accurate, Timely Reports

    Flexible reporting is available within a customizable dashboard including user analytics, job costing reports and substantiated billing reports. Generate reports and get visibility into payment statuses, giving you access to valuable insights that help you make more informed decisions and better manage cash flow.