True Sky streamlines the budgeting process for companies that use Excel. True Sky was founded by a team of CPAs and industry experts to specialize in deploying financial systems. The goal was to develop solutions to assist the CFO by simplifying and enhancing the budgeting process. The result is a budgeting solution that allows organizations to continue using the powerful interface of Excel while at the same time providing real-time access to information, increased process control, tighter security and greater accuracy.



  • Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

    True Sky harnesses the powerful functionalities of Excel and builds on what you already know. Spreadsheets are populated in the same manner so there is no need to adapt to a whole new system of data entry. Workflow processes are streamlined and give real-time access to every user. This means that every member on the team is communicating, and getting smart, current information.

  • Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities

    Reporting doesn’t have to be an arduous annual task. Keep data reporting current with interactive, dynamic reports that relate to sales, inventory, income statements, cash flow and balance sheets. True Sky's quarterly and annual reporting capabilities are powerful and exceptionally detailed.

  • Dashboards

    True Sky’s customizable dashboards give you a 360-degree view of your company’s reporting for lightning-fast access to information. This means that decision-making is fast and accurate without the need to drill down for data. Dashboards are built into budgeting, planning and forecasting software for a well-rounded view into your business’ data reporting at a glance.

  • Analytics

    Every piece of data can tell you something about your business’ performance. When you use True Sky’s analytics, your company’s past and present strengths, and areas of opportunity, you can plan the future. Drill down into detailed data mining, and then zoom back out for a view of the bigger picture. Identify key drivers and analyze data from the past day to the past year and everything in between.