Versapay 2cp
Versapay is changing the way companies do business together by unlocking order-to-cash efficiency through accounts receivable automation, digital presentment, and integrated payment processing. Versapay drives digital payments transformation by consistently achieving industry-leading online adoption, enabling buyers and suppliers to collaborate online, removing invoicing and payment barriers, and streamlining manual business processes.

Versapay Payments for Sage Intacct (2CP)

Versapay’s secure payment processing solution, integrated with Sage Intacct, automates accounting functions with click-to-pay functionality, recurring and subscription billing, and shopping cart integrations for e-commerce acceptance. Level III processing ensures lower overall acceptance costs while ensuring PCI compliance and maintaining strict security standards across all sales channels.

Versapay AR Automation Platform

Versapay also has an Accounts Receivable solution making it easy for customers to know what they owe with real-time collaboration for faster payments and instant dispute resolution. The powerful and easy-to-use portal ensures industry-leading customer adoption rates while automating AR processes from order to cash.

  • Reduce time spent manually managing receivables by over 50%
  • Increase speed of payments by 25%
  • Reduce past due invoices by 30%
  • Reduce DSO by 20%

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Versapay 2CP

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Versapay 2CP

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Benefits of Versapay and Sage Intacct

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  • Lower Processing Costs

    • With an all-in-one payment gateway, B2B card processing, and customized reporting tools, this solution minimizes costs using Interchange Optimization and Level III processing.
    • Save over 20% on payment fees, get more customer data, achieve lightning-fast ROI.

  • Reduce Manual Processes

    • Give customers a more convenient payment experience and reap the benefits.
    • Spend less effort collecting payments, maximize efficiency, and streamline AR processes with easy-to-configure recurring payment options.

  • Drive Incremental Sales

    • Let customers pay the way they want and increase revenue by accepting all payment types in one place.
    • Accept credit, debit, ACH, virtual cards, cheques, bank payments, and more.

  • Start Accepting Payments Today

    • The Sage Intacct integration ensures you can quickly collect payments from your customers across all sales channels.
    • Automate invoice payments according to your customers' preferences and charge payment methods in real-time.

  • Avoid Payments Fraud

    • Securely process online orders from cart to cash using a flexible payment gateway, integrations with popular shopping carts and competitive merchant services.
    • Reduce the risk of fraud with optional checkout solutions that limit fraudulent chargebacks.

  • Reduce Risk and Chargebacks

    • This solution protects you, your customers, and eliminates fraudulent chargebacks without dictating how your customers need to pay.
    • Tokenize and encrypt sensitive credit card data for enhanced security and peace of mind.

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