PrintBoss enhances your document management capabilities by giving you the power to print, email, fax and digitally file your documents anywhere on your network. PrintBoss seamlessly integrates with your accounting software to remove manual data entry and streamline tasks.

Save 80% of the cost of buying preprinted checks by using PrintBoss to create checks on blank check paper. PrintBoss creates the check format and all the check information, including the company information, bank account number, bank routing number and check number. Companies with multiple bank accounts can use the same paper for all of the checks that they print.

  • Blank Stock Lets you Define the Document

    Only purchase one check stock to print checks for multiple companies, subsidiaries or bank accounts. The end-user can even create or modify a PrintBoss form to create unique accounting documents for different companies. This cuts your total cost and ensures your records contain all the required information.

  • Print security-verified signatures

    Each Bank Account can have encrypted, secure signatures automatically applied to checks that meet your criteria. Signatures can be printed on any check and can be conditional based on, for example, the amount of the check or the bank account used. Signatures are secured by a password or a diskette.

  • Seamlessly Integrate with Accounting Data

    Due to the integration with Sage 300, there are no additional keystrokes required to print a document – it is based on the accounting data in your Sage instance. Positive Pay files can automatically be created to individual Bank specifications and can be immediately reflected in your accounting data. For record-keeping, save PDFs and send original documents or document copies via email.

  • Print in Customizable, Intuitive Order

    When printing check copies, they can be printed in an order that is consistent with how they will be used or filed. (The Customer File copy can print in Customer order, the Accounting File copy can print in check number order or invoice number order, etc.)

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