Stop Confining Your eCommerce Data to Siloed Solutions with 2CP

It’s no secret that at The Answer Company, we’re big fans of automation and that’s why we’ve implemented 2CP. We’ve seen the ways it can transform businesses. Automation supplements the work that’s already done by the team – minus a whole load of mind-numbing data entry. With 2CP, you can get paid faster, eliminate data entry, and make it easier for our customers to pay… Win, win, win!

Cutting manual tasks from workflows, in real-time, frees up employees to work on more strategic tasks, and could bring legitimate cost savings, an increase in cash flow turnover, and have an impact on real-time financial reporting.

It is incredibly important to have all of your systems talk to one another, so you always know your state of play. This is where a powerful integration like 2C Processor (2CP) comes in! Their solution includes a customer self-service portal where customers manage their payments and invoices, a shopping cart integration that feeds data into your warehouse management system and full CRM visibility, all in real-time. When deployed alongside Sage Intacct, the applications even reside within Intacct, meaning an airtight integration.

How exactly do these applications work? Let’s take a look.


2CP’s Customer Portal

The 2CP’s Customer Portal lets your customers login to a portal (complete with your company branding) to view their invoices, pay any outstanding invoices, update the payment info you have on file for them, and set up AutoPay to charge their card when an invoice is due. Customers and clients alike feel secure as the application is PCI-compliant. 


2CP’s Shopping Cart to Cash integration

This integration is key for operating an eCommerce store. With integrations available for many of the leading eCommerce platforms (including Magneto, Drupal, WooCommerce and Shopify), and a partnered enhancement with MSA QStock Inventory warehouse management system, you can automate the entire sales cycle into your Intacct instance. Customers, sales orders, shippers, sales invoices, and payments, are all created in real-time based on customer purchases made in the cart via 2CP’s Shopping Cart to Cash application and warehouse personnel picking, packing, and shipping via QStock’s WMS.

That’s all well and good, in theory. What does that look like in practical terms? Let’s take a look at a sample workflow, one without the power of automation and integration and one with.


Without Automation With C2P Automation
  • The order comes in via the eCommerce platform. 
  • Orders are manually pulled from the eCommerce platform or are sent in batches to a member of staff.
  • A member of staff then distributes this information to the relevant departments.
  • Details are passed through to Accounting, who manually enter the information and produce an invoice within their accounting software.
  • Details are sent to the warehouse floor, where the item is packed and shipped. It must then be subtracted from available stock to ensure your online store, your warehouse management system, and your accounting team all have the same data.
  • Any errors or corrections must be done by staff.
  • Accounting must keep track of payment and chase debtors for payment.
  • The order comes in via the eCommerce platform.
  • 2CP and Intacct automatically generate an invoice, subtract the items from your listed stock, sends a notification to warehouse staff to get the order ready, and process payment or dispatches an invoice. 
  • Once payment is received, the integration closes the sale.
  • Staff have a full record of the sale, available to all departments, a single source of truth. 


Practising what we preach

We believe in the power of 2CP so much that we chose to employ the customer portal ourselves! By creating an option for customers to process safe payments themselves, we’re able to scale the number of transactions we can process at once, freeing up valuable resources and time for our accounts team. 

George Lawton, our Chief Financial Officer, commented, “We want to create great processes for our in-house team and great, frictionless experiences for our customers and vendors. With 2CP, we can do that.”

Want to see what 2CP and Sage Intacct can do for you? Get in touch for a free demo!