The Answer Company has Most New X3 Customers Adds in North America

The Answer Company, a leading supplier of business management software, was presented with the award for “Most New X3 Customers Adds in North America for H1,” given at the Sage ERP X3 Global Convention in Berlin held in April, 2013. The award serves as recognition that The Answer Company has become one of the leading suppliers of the web based ERP system, Sage ERP X3, in North America.

As one of the first Sage partners to deliver the system in Canada, The Answer Company has become a name synonym with Sage ERP X3, a web based cloud ERP system. Over the last three years, the company has successfully designed and delivered Sage ERP X3 to dozens of companies, in industries that are manufacturing, processing, and distribution heavy such as mining, chemicals, food and beverage, and life sciences.

The company has seen the Sage X3 solution’s user base grow steadily as the market place shifts it’s attention to ERP systems that are web based, easy and quick to implement, with low total ownership costs associated to subscription pricing. Each new company that chooses Sage ERP X3 delivered by The Answer Company benefits from a proven track record and unmatched expertise implementing and training users of the ERP system.

“The Answer Company is happy to receive recognition for the hard work our team put forward,” said Shawn Ostheimer, president for The Answer Company. “Our goal is to always grow with integrity, demonstrated by the quality of the service we provide. To see this materialize through new business generation that warrants awards gives us confidence to continue expanding the user base that can benefit from this solution.”