The Answer Company Supports Local Businesses To Boost Remote Employee Morale

With employees working from home and offices left bare, The Answer Company wanted to spread some cheer.

This year has been tough on us all, especially local businesses. The Answer Company has worked with local businesses for several years, and to show our continued support, The Answer Company has put together an employee care package. The gifts and products bought from local businesses such as Danica, Masked for Work, White Spot, and Lykki.

At The Answer Company, we always value people first. With our employee care packages, The Answer Company aims to boost employee morale while working from home. Working remotely has many challenges and it is something we have all adapted to. The Answer Company wants to show their appreciation to their employees for all their hard work during these difficult times. We are personally invested in our people & communities and like to share our continued commitment to local businesses and employees.

We value community and character, and giving is who we are. Through our giving, we hope to encourage other local businesses, our employees, and community leaders to continue giving it forward and help other community partners. Using economies of scale, we can increase our impact for the greater good.