Thank you for joining us in the “Thriving in Uncertain Times: How to Protect Your Business During an Economic Downturn” webinar, hosted by FEI Canada.

In today’s volatile business environment, small and medium-sized businesses are facing numerous challenges ranging from unexpected global events to market instability. To navigate these pressures successfully, it’s essential for businesses to have a robust strategic framework and focus on resilience. Cloud-based ERP and accounting systems can play a pivotal role in this approach.

During the webinar our panelists The Answer Company’s Founder & President, Shawn Ostheimer, Powered By Numbers’ CEO, George Lawton, and Prophix’s President and CEO, Alok Ajmera provided valuable insights on utilizing technology to recession-proof your business. They discussed specific strategies for enhancing agility and growth during an economic downturn, touched on the benefits of ERP & CPM, and provided guidance on how businesses can leverage technology to build resilience for the future.

Here is what you can expect to hear in the webinar: 

  • Economic Downturns and Business Resilience
  • Strategies for Business Resilience
  • Automating Simple Accounting and Financial Processes
  • Customer Stories: Thriving through Uncertain Times


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