When Sage 300 CRE has been running for a long time – a year, or maybe even multiple – data builds up throughout the system, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs that take your server a long time to load. This means processing and reporting can be cumbersome and slow.

Our Tips and Tricks session will give you a quick intro to why you should be archiving and how to do it.

Watch the on-demand webinar to discover:

  • How to achieve high speeds, fast processing and smaller file sizes for your database;
  • How to access historical data and compare it to current data in reports; and
  • How archiving data not only protects against system damage or system failure but can also improve system performance and enhance productivity.

By effectively archiving your data at the right time, you can improve system performance and response times.

Meet the Speaker
Sharon Moshenko is an IT consultant who works with The Answer Company on the Sage 300 CRE product – a software she specializes in and is passionate about.

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