Accounts Payables are a vital part of a businesses operations. However, many companies are left with heavily manual processes for processing these payables. This leads to errors, messy data, lowered job satisfaction and the loss of time that could be spent on more strategic work.

That’s where AP automation comes in.

We were joined by RedMap to explore how their AP automation solution slashes overhead associated with AP processing. With tight integration to Sage X3, RedMap generally auto-processes 80% of all AP invoices without any human intervention, all while maintaining the tightest processing controls.

  • RedMap automates the majority of your AP processing and automatically routes the exceptions, removing the burden of AP processing from your accounting department.
  • Tight Sage X3 integration results in speed of processing with tighter controls than you would get with manual document processing.
  • No more paper processes – RedMap gives a fully digital solution that only requires user intervention for exception handling..

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