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End-To-End Field Service Management Solution

Acumatica Field Service Edition is suitable for all types of field service businesses, including sales, installation, repair, and recurring maintenance. For a moment, let’s consider the typical journey of a company involved in sales and installation field services that has just received a new sales opportunity:

To begin, a sales manager can input all the details of the new contact, open a new order form in Acumatica, and sync it with the CRM system. Next, using Acumatica’s scheduling tool, the manager or dispatcher can create a service order and schedule available technicians. The scheduler tool has many built-in and custom-create filters that allow you to filter available workers by type, time available, and geographical location. Once the order has been assigned, the manager can track the up-to-minute progress of job orders on their Acumatica dashboard. Alerts can be set up so managers are notified of any changes prompted by the customer or technician.

The assigned field servicer can then access all the details of the job order directly from their Acumatica Mobile App, which is easy to navigate on any phone or tablet. From their mobile dashboard, the field servicer can indicate their progress on the job order, notify headquarters of any changes or issues, collaborate with other team members on the road, and automatically track their travel time for easy billing. With GPS functionality, the field servicer can find an optimal route to the job site, and allow the whole team to see where they are on the map. 

With the easy-to-use Acumatica Mobile App, technicians can also define every component of the job workflow by service type and time spent, which is also automatically recorded for billing. Automated notifications can be set up to alert customers of progress. For unexpected delays, technicians can easily send communications to customers directly through Acumatica – maintaining security and privacy. 

To keep all project notes in one place, technicians and managers can take photos or record project updates directly into the job order file, which is automatically synced with everyone’s platform and saved on the cloud. Technicians can also add additional inventory items as they progress through a job, helping managers track profitability and helping accountants avoid writing off costs that were supposed to be billed. Easily wrap up projects by closing the job order and sending a digital bill to the customer through Acumatica. 

With project management, billing, inventory tracking, and both team and customer communication all centralized on one platform, productivity is greatly enhanced and errors are significantly reduced. This end-to-end field service management solution improves every step of field service operations, while reducing paperwork and improving data security. 

Acumatica Integrations

Acumatica Field Service Edition comes with many pre-built application integrations commonly used by field service businesses, at no additional cost. Nevertheless, every unique business may need to connect with a system that is not already included with Acumatica. That’s where the software’s robust open API architecture becomes favourable to many companies. The Answer Company has assisted many Acumatica users with external system integrations, without skyrocketing development costs. 

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