Acumatica Cloud Software — The Swiss Army Knife of ERPs

When entering a building most of us don’t think about the steps required to get a new structure off the ground. Many pieces of equipment, countless materials, people, and processes are involved before the lights go on and the owner moves in. A project like this requires participation between manufacturers, distributors, and construction firms. To do it all, Acumatica Cloud Software offers all the modules, tools, and integrations you need, while connecting all your data. 


Solving For Industry Challenges

Older systems like QuickBooks don’t solve for challenges faced by manufacturing, distribution, and construction companies. And with the onset of COVID, many companies have shifted to a more permanent mobile work environment, finding themselves needing to upgrade costly IT infrastructure to access their ERP software remotely. 

Some companies migrate to cloud software instead, solving for the following challenges:

  • Software providers that don’t understand their industry.
  • Duplicate and error-prone data entry in multiple systems.
  • Lack of scheduling and project management tools
  • Field service apps that don’t connect to the back office.
  • No real-time visibility into inventory or purchasing.
  • Lack of information between design, shop, field service, and billing departments
  • Lack of consistent and rational pricing for parts and materials across the organization
  • No way to schedule and track production and send job information to the billing system
  • Manual, inefficient, and inaccurate tracking of costs with spreadsheets
  • Inability to provide customers with real-time visibility 



Built for Manufacturing, Distribution, and Construction

Whether your organization manufactures or distributes construction materials and equipment or manages the construction and service of buildings, systems, infrastructure or other projects, Acumatica Cloud Software provides end to end functionality with three distinct industry versions – Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, Acumatica Distribution Edition, and Acumatica Construction Edition.  Users have anytime, anywhere access, connecting field and office across functional areas.  


Acumatica Cloud Software – Industry Editions


At Constructive Solutions, now a division of The Answer Company, we are constantly thinking about these processes and solving challenges that managing them in older software solutions can present, having worked with thousands of customers in the construction, manufacturing, and distribution industry for close to 30 years.

Contact us today to set up a free discovery where we will suggest ways in which cloud software implementation can increase your company’s profitability, visibility and efficiency no matter where in the process your firm is involved.