Customer Management Software (CRM) Can Be Powerful Tool for Customer Retention

Sage offers online and cloud ERP management software solutions, like Sage ERP X3, that are fully scalable to meet the needs of any growing business. These powerful applications specialize, however, in providing competitive advantages to mid-sized firms with 5 to 1,000 employees, and in particular, can offer great benefits in the area of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Today’s business environment can prove a tough and challenging battleground on which many sales battles take place. In such a competitive marketplace, not only is it important to find new customers, but it is of utmost importance to maintain a high level of current customer retention (aka hold onto what you already have!). This is where ERP solutions, such as those in the Sage ERP Accounting family, can be a key member of your business’ army.  The CRM capabilities built into these ERP systems help to effectively manage relationships with your existing customer base with tools like the following:


Build a B2B storefront allowing your customers to submit orders and receive emails pertaining to order status, history, and completion.


Quickly access crucial customer account information, check on orders, manage invoices, and perform other critical sales functions.


Allows you to manage full-scale marketing campaigns, providing the added ability to target specific campaigns aimed at your most profitable existing customers.


Track leads, manage sales team calendars, create sales forecasts, and more. Sales modules and applications allow you to manage every aspect of your company’s sales cycle, thereby increasing the performance of your entire sales team.

Customer Service and Support

Improve all customer interactions with the ability to track all relevant customer data and interactions, create and assign tickets with unique ID numbers and status information, and manage customer service contracts.  The system also provides traceability for all products and robust reports that show insight into whether or not issues are being resolved in a timely matter.

ERP software solutions that include CRM capabilities, such as Sage ERP X3, are fully capable of increasing customer satisfaction and improving a business’ Return on Investment (ROI). These CRM solutions are available through deployment on-premise or on the cloud and have quickly become the backbone of any growing business with strong sales orientation.  If you have any questions about CRM or ERP solutions, or need support using the one you have, feel free to contact The Answer Company.