Learn how Field Services Management Software Expedites Assignments, Improves communications & Accelerates Decision-making

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Optimize dispatching through scheduling the appropriate service personnel at the right time. Also, get real-time information about field work. Acumatica Field Services Management software offers contract management, appointment scheduling, and a fully-featured mobile app for service-driven companies, wholesale distributors and construction companies.

Acumatica field service management also provides a mobile app for manufacturers to perform deliveries, installation, and service or warranty calls. Service organizations have everything they need for growth, including seamless integration to inventory, purchasing and projects.

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Benefits of Acumatica Field Service Management Software


  • Capture service requirements quickly and gain access to customer information, product history and other resources.
  • Create templates for default service and materials when creating appointments.
  • Reduce the time it takes to assign appointments after receiving a call.


  • Track resource commitments, real-time GPS location
  • Get real-time access and updates on the progress of your appointment, including the materials used and details.


  • Improve communications through notifying customers and resources via email, SMS, or push notification about appointment modifications or assignments.


  • Use drill-down dashboards and dashboards to improve your decision-making and access historical information for insight into the future.
  • Define metrics to measure technician usage and service performance.

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