10 Ways to Grow Business with Field Service Management Software

As a field service company grows, so does the level of complexity in contracts, workflows, scheduling, billing, required information, and customer demands. More businesses are now recognizing that field service management software helps streamline processes and provides the data visibility that are the keys to getting and staying ahead of the competition.

Jon Roskill, CEO of Acumatica, iterates that digital transformation isn’t really about technology – it’s about how companies integrate technologies to transform their business. Acumatica Field Service Edition offers a multitude of different modules and capabilities that are designed specifically to address field service pain points. All components can be customized to your business size and needs, including resource scheduling, inventory planning, route optimization, warranty tracking, equipment management, contracts and billing, and project management. Most beneficially, unlike most ERP software, Acumatica Field Services cloud ERP is subscription-based, so your business can pick and choose the modules it needs.

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Optimize Planning to Reduce Inefficiencies

Resource Scheduling, Inventory Planning, Route Optimization

Despite an influx of new projects, profitability in field service is often stunted by extra costs and inefficiencies caused by inaccurate planning. Acumatica’s field service management software optimizes scheduling, so the right employees are matched with customer requests with the least amount of wasted time. Moreover, the seamless inventory planning ensures that needed equipment is readily available for each job. For recurring appointments, easily create maintenance and service schedules to allocate the right equipment for scheduled jobs. To shave away inefficient time on the road, Acumatica’s route optimization functionality automatically generates the quickest route, taking into account estimated travel times and road delays.


Better Manage your Equipment to Retain its Value

Warranty Tracking, Equipment Management

Not having the right equipment, discovering unexpected faulty equipment, and paying extra costs for equipment repair can really cut into profitability. Warranties for equipment are essentially assets – and losing track of them can really cost your business. Acumatica Field Service Edition tracks warranties for equipment and machinery with every piece of detail in organized documentation, including serial number, installation date, original manufacturer, and other attachments. Furthermore, Acumatica’s equipment management functionality ensures that the condition and use of your equipment is tracked in real-time each day. And the fixed asset module allows field service managers to accurately calculate depreciation for company-owned equipment. 


Improve Customer Experience for Every Project

Project Integration, Customer Experience, Contracts and Billing

With stronger project management, customer service capabilities, and smoother processes for contracting, you will elevate the customer experience. This leads to more recurring contracts and referrals. Field service software combines project management with accounting, allowing you to define and track tasks, while also recording billing and expenses for every project component. Project accounting keeps both you and your clients informed of the numbers throughout the job, so there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of a project. 

Late invoices sent to customers well after a project’s completion are off-putting to customers; it can result in lack of recurring contracts and interrupt your steady streams of revenue. Acumatica’s automated billing system ensures that invoices are emailed to customers as per the service schedules that you set. All billing is automatically recorded in your holistic financial accounting software. 

Lastly, further enhance your clients’ experience with Acumatica’s unique customer portal with automated support services. 


Make Informed Decisions with Enhanced Data Transparency

Business Insights, Mobile Connectivity

With a multitude of different projects going on, it can be difficult for financial executives to determine problems and opportunities for growth. Acumatica’s comprehensive reporting, dashboards, notifications, and business analytics tools can easily be filtered into just the important metrics, allowing executives to find actionable insights. Moreover, as an advanced cloud ERP, all the data in your Acumatica software is updated in real-time, so you can make changes and identify findings anytime, anywhere.


Learn more about the Acumatica Field Service Management Software modules in this free whitepaper: 10 Ways Field Service Companies Grow with Acumatica
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