First Nations ERP manages tribal growth, from case management to changing revenue streams.

Tribal communities today are unlike those in years past as more and more services are offered that demand careful tracking and integration with other data.

Old methods, such as using Excel or Word documents do provide a path for tracking critical data, but in the end the information resides in isolated silos: users are not able to integrate needed profiles, for example, for case management, or even housing and inspection scenarios.

‘Case management’ requires not just a profile of clients, but an in-depth look at their skills in order to steer them to appropriate (relevant)  training; more so, it’s about aligning goals and objectives as well as monitoring their future advancement through the system; this, without exposing the files to security and privacy vulnerabilities.

With the First Nations ERP (Sage) stakeholders have many entry points into the database to update or add-to a client’s progress. What’s more, such updates can be easily accessed by authorized users in the office, or at the home of the client.

Departments are easily connected, one to the other, through the Sage 300 ERP financial suite. Today’s tribal revenue is coming from many different sources, whether they are selling natural resources like coal or providing other products or services. Consequently, many departments require customized modules without having to completely reinstall software, or purchase new software off-the-shelf.

General ledgers, of course, can be created for small to large enterprise-type organizations, providing budgeting and histories through many years. More importantly, the Sage platform incorporates built-in security accessible only by certain accounts or departments.

Fixed Asset Management is a key module to the Sage suite, providing monitoring of acquisitions, depreciation schedules and disposals; too, if equipment is leased, the module can also be customized to log insurance information, warranties and all maintenance and lease agreements.

Learn more about the Sage 300 ERP advantage for your tribal operations, and how its scalability can mean lower costs as services grow; contact us today.