How Acumatica for Construction Boosts Productivity and Drives Growth

The construction industry faces a complex business environment, requiring a broad spread of departments and functions,  from accounting and payroll to customer management, estimates and bids, and legal compliance. Traditionally, these tasks are managed manually or within separate software platforms, leading to challenges with integration and costly inefficiencies. It also results in information silos, double data entry, and a lack of real-time information flow between the office and job site. As a result, your company can make poor decisions and missed opportunities for process improvement, cost savings, and revenue growth. 

Acumatica Construction Edition is a cloud-based ERP application with integrated CRM, inventory management, field service modules, and flexible integrations with top-tier construction management and estimating programs. Acumatica for construction offers cohesive functionality for general contractors, specialty subcontractors, homebuilders, land developers, and civil construction businesses.

Modernize Workflows on a Future-Proof Cloud Platform

Many legacy ERP applications rely on outdated technology platforms and lack mobile capabilities, making it difficult to transfer critical information between the office and the job site. Customizations and one-off integrations are expensive and difficult to maintain, resulting in high IT costs. 

Acumatica for construction’s cloud platform and mobile technology centralizes information and facilitates collaborative workflows, enabling remote access to job costs and budget data with real-time project changes and profitability. Mobile time entry and expense receipt capture streamline job site labour records and expense management. 

APIs (on SOAP and REST architecture) connect top-tier construction management and estimating programs for best-in-class functionality in a single, cohesive platform, reducing IT costs and increasing productivity and accuracy. Acumatica offers configurable workflows, mobile management features, and rapid development and integration tools to support agile businesses, today and in the future.

Optimize Profits with a Comprehensive Platform and a 360° View of Operations

Traditional ERP solutions lack essential modern features, such as comprehensive financials, integrated project management, certified payroll, change management, and compliance management, leading to uninformed decisions, eating into the bottom line. 

Acumatica for construction offers powerful project management, comprehensive financials, business intelligence, role-based dashboards, and robust reporting, providing real-time information and increasing profits while reducing costs. Acumatica’s Construction Edition offers insights into every aspect of the business, boosting efficiency, reducing costs, and making smarter, more proactive decisions.

Maximize Client Satisfaction on Every Project

Legacy ERP systems lack built-in CRM or service and inventory management, leading to disconnected systems, manual handling of data, and challenges with managing inventory. These inefficiencies cause delays, miscommunications, and lost revenue. Acumatica offers service and inventory management modules to run jobs in one system, access customer and service history and equipment details on mobile devices, and real-time inventory visibility across warehouses, job sites, and yards. The comprehensive CRM automates communications with clients and enhances commitments, schedules, and client collaboration with advanced project management tools.


Acumatica for construction is an ideal choice for construction companies looking to improve their business operations and achieve profitability and growth. It offers certified payroll, project management, compliance management, financials with job cost accounting, and service and inventory management. The platform allows for improved collaboration between the job site and office, eliminates data silos, and connects with top-tier construction management and estimating programs. It includes comprehensive CRM functionality, issue resolution capabilities, and advanced customer collaboration tools. Mobile accessibility is available on any device, enabling construction companies to thrive in the new digital economy. To learn more about these topics, download our free whitepaper Why the Construction Industry Turns to Acumatica for Productivity and Growth

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