5 Reasons Why Cloud Financials and PM Make Sense for Construction Companies

As a construction firm, there are several areas that require diligent monitoring, such as workforce planning, project and inventory management, administration and payroll, finances, client control, legal and regulatory compliance, machinery and equipment, and much more. This escalates the need for specialized workers in each field in order to build quality projects and still be productive. However, managing all these facets can be a complicated task, prone to errors, if not assisted with the right tools. This is especially true if your firm is split into in-office finance and administration and on-site material management and quality control. 

To find your efficiencies and propel your business forward, it is vital to consider implementing construction-specific cloud software. Continue reading to find out how you can transform your construction firm and bring it to the next level with construction accounting software.


5 Pivotal Impacts of Implementing Cloud Software to your Business:

1. Connected Data and Highlighted Efficiencies 

Although old software may have become systematic and methodical for your team, switching to new cloud software not only maintains your processes but also optimizes and further streamlines them. The ability of cloud software to seamlessly integrate all your data across all departments of your company will allow for increased visibility and better data-driven decisions and strategic focus. Additionally, the time spent on manual data entry could be drastically reduced as a result of this implementation, enabling employees to prioritize higher-value tasks and really push the business onward.


2. Ease of Cash Flow Management

Each project has its own unique orders and costs. Cloud software allows the recording of bank balances, billings, and invoices over all projects to be done in a clear and cohesive manner. Thereafter, data can be effortlessly accessed among all employees, offices, and work sites, offering the ability to respond to any changes including low-stock, new developments, order changes, subcontractor adjustments, and more, in real-time. Ultimately, cloud software will boost adaptability and accuracy in planning, ensuring commitments with contractors are met, payroll is fulfilled, and jobs are completed on time as your business’ cash flows are fully transparent and consistently up-to-date.


3. Optimized Project Execution

Automating the data entry process can not only eliminate tedious tasks, such as inventory and staffing records but also minimize vulnerability to mistakes. This especially applies to construction and accounting processes with different accounts and clients. Cloud software takes incoherent data and organizes it into informative and insightful dashboards. When your data is visualized, identifying and sharing project costs among your team members is made easy and accessible. Once project metrics, goals, and updates are clear, you can then minimize risk, improve performance, and exceed your clients’ expectations.


4. Effective Exchange of Information

With jobs taking place at different locations and headquartered at others, information exchange across teams could be easily interrupted or missed; cloud-based backups make that information available to all necessary team members and is trackable at all times. Let the software automatically sync your data and notify you of the latest updates. Configure alerts to let team members know of updates that impact them. With cloud software, you can guarantee that everyone is informed and encourage communication and collaboration. It allows you to work as a team to prioritize and resolve the most critical issues, as well as consult with and receive feedback from the different specialized departments.


5. Collaborative and Focused Workflows

Changes on-site and in-office are always emerging throughout the completion of a construction project. But it is how these changes are addressed that sets the difference between the competition and your business. Construction cloud software can organize your information to provide you with a real-time view equipped with status updates and tracking on all tasks, company-wide. Distribute time and attention advantageously to support both company and employee growth.


Though the implementation procedure of cloud software may sound extensive and complicated, having the right assistance from knowledgeable and experienced experts will make certain of the success of this large impactful project. Contact one of our experts to get started.