How to use Technology to Evaluate Opportunities in Reshoring

Supply chain experts have long favoured offshoring their manufacturing operations to inexpensive, international suppliers. However, due to circumstances and events such as country-wide closures, shipping delays, container shortages, the rise of fuel costs, geopolitical conditions, and pressures to reduce carbon output, many companies are starting to rethink this strategy. There has been a trend towards ‘reshoring’, or at the very least ‘nearshoring’ or ‘friendshoring’ (bringing supply chains geographically closer or with friendly nations, respectively). 

What is reshoring? 

Reshoring is the process of bringing manufacturing and other jobs back to a country, typically one that had previously outsourced those jobs to other countries in search of lower labour costs. 

Reshoring your suppliers can be a very profitable process, but it’s crucial to be able to accurately evaluate its risks and benefits. As companies are seeking to reduce supply chain risk and improve competitiveness, technology can play a critical role in evaluating opportunities in reshoring. 

With the right technology, you can accurately evaluate the overall cost of your existing supply chain, simulate a potential switch to another supply chain, and review “What-If” scenarios as new issues arise. With predictive analytics tools, you can analyze trends, patterns, and correlations in your data. This will help you identify potential issues and opportunities in reshoring and make informed decisions.

By using technology to evaluate opportunities in reshoring, companies can make informed decisions and optimize their supply chains for improved competitiveness and reduced supply chain risk.

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