Supply Chains might be coming home, or close

For many years, the trend among supply chain professionals favoured offshoring to low-cost, overseas suppliers. However, disruptions and challenges faced in the supply chain – with country-wide closures, shipping delays and container shortages, and geopolitical pressures – are pushing companies to rethink this strategy and to consider “reshoring” and “near-shoring” as a way of mitigating risk. Reshoring your suppliers can be a hugely beneficial financial exercise. Still, it’s essential to have the tools to understand with precision the total cost of your current supply chain, as well as to be able to model a potential change to another supply chain and to be able to review ‘What-If’ scenarios as challenges continue to emerge.

Join us for a discussion with The Answer Company’s Director of Pre-Sales and Solution Design, Darren Redies, as he dives into the real impact of these global challenges and how it affects organizations across all industries and businesses. We’ll cover the functional requirements needed in order to address these issues and how to leverage the built-in power of your technology stack so you’re better equipped to face ongoing disruptions and complexities in an increasingly demanding environment.


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