Improve Inventory Accuracy with Tried and Tested Technology

Accurate inventory is every business’s goal. Whether you own restaurants, run franchise branches, or build and manage properties, your inventory counts must stay current. Maintaining accuracy optimizes warehouse or storeroom operations, boosts customer satisfaction, streamlines supply chain management, and contributes to your overall profitability. Given these stakes, it makes sense to turn to barcode technology and mobile data collection technology as reliable tools to boost inventory accuracy. 

While barcoding isn’t new, many companies aren’t fully embracing its capabilities because they haven’t found a simple, turnkey barcode automation solution that supports their inventory workflows, suits their industry’s needs and effectively integrates with their ERP application. If that’s been the case for your organization, it’s time you met Sage Intacct Inventory Automation. Let’s look at the technologies and zero in on how Sage Intacct Inventory Automation leverages them.


Unleashing the Potential of Barcode Technology

Barcode technology is a tried-and-tested tool for improved inventory management. By assigning unique identifiers to individual items, barcodes make it possible to track products throughout their life cycle, from receipt and storage, through picking and packing and right up to delivery.

Implementing barcode technology can drastically reduce errors stemming from manual data entry. It’s simple — when an item enters or leaves your inventory, it’s scanned, ensuring every movement is recorded with precision. By integrating a barcode system, businesses can expect increased accuracy, improved efficiency, and reduced operating costs. When margins are already thin, optimizing your inventory could be the key to retaining your competitive advantage.


Enhancing Accuracy with Mobile Data Collection

Complementing barcode technology is mobile data collection. It allows businesses to capture, process, and analyze data in real time using smartphones, tablets, or dedicated barcode scanners. 

Mobile data collection tools wirelessly transmit information to a centralized system, delivering real-time visibility of inventory levels — without requiring manual data entry. This means businesses can make informed decisions about what and when to order and what’s available to ship or use in production.


Where Sage Intacct Inventory Automation Fits In

Sage Intacct Inventory Automation is a barcode-capable, mobile data collection application. It integrates with Sage Intacct in real-time, validating and sending the data it collects directly back to Sage Intacct Inventory, ensuring you’re always looking at accurate numbers. Essentially, it puts the power of Sage Intacct Inventory Management onto a mobile device that your teams can carry throughout the warehouse. By streamlining the collection of inventory transactions, you can reduce processing times — and lower costs. 

Not using barcodes? Every data field can be entered by keypad as well. The user can look up on-file purchase orders, for example, select the one to receive against and scroll through the list of items on the order, clicking the quantity to receive. Many of our clients have successfully requested that their vendors include barcoded data elements on the shipping documents — so it’s worth asking! 

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

How it Works

With Sage Inventory Automation and a mobile device in hand, your warehouse or stockroom teams can count, move, receive, and ship out inventory items through a combination of barcode scans and simple clicks. For a purchase order receipt, for example, here are the steps the user would take:

  1. Scan or enter the purchase order number. The application will confirm it exists in Sage Intacct and load the order information into the app. 
  2. Scan or enter items and quantities. The data is instantly validated to prevent errors and over-/under-receiving. 
  3. Elect to print EAN, UPC, and QR item labels from within the app, including serial or lot numbers.
  4. Sage Inventory Automation automatically updates Sage Intacct with the transaction data and records its actions within the Inventory Automation portal. 


Sage Intacct Inventory Automation supports the following transactions:

  • Transfers
  • Issues
  • Adjustments
  • Physical/Cycle Counts
  • Receiving
  • Picking
  • Shipping


Sage Inventory Automation delivers a host of benefits, including: 

  • Real-time integration with Sage Intacct provides visibility
  • Validates data to ensure accuracy
  • Saves time that would be spent on in-person inventory counts
  • Supports cross-referenced item numbers for convenience
  • Many types of mobile devices are supported
  • Doesn’t consume a Sage Intacct user license


Ready to Improve Inventory Accuracy?

Technologies like Sage Inventory Automation’s barcode and mobile data collection solution are essential to effective inventory management. When used strategically, these technologies can significantly increase inventory accuracy, leading to improved operational efficiency, better customer service, and increased business profitability. Ready to learn more? Reach out to one of our specialists. 

Already on an ERP you’re happy with? Barcode entry and inventory management may be available on your platform. Just ask!