3 Practices Your Company Can Improve with Distribution ERP

Companies in every industry are always looking for ways to improve the way they do things. In the distribution business, companies often find that resource management is an important area for improvement. There are a number of practices your company can improve with the help of the right distribution ERP software. Here are three practices that are among the easiest to improve.

Inventory control is one practice that is made much easier with ERP software like Sage 300. This software comes with a specialized inventory control model that gives you an up-to-the minute picture of what your inventory levels look like. Even if you need to monitor inventory across multiple sites or companies, distribution ERP software can help you keep better track of what you have and where it is going.

Keeping track of sales data is an important part of staying competitive in the distribution industry, and ERP software can make this practice easier and more effective. Sage 300’s Order Entry module is designed to help make salespeople successful. Integrated with the rest of your distribution ERP software’s modules, this aspect of the system keeps track of customer habits as well as the potential profits to be made from each individual customer.

Asset maintenance, although one of the most important practices for a distribution company, can also be one of the most time consuming. Fortunately, the right ERP software can help you save a lot of time and money on asset maintenance by automating a lot of the work that would be done manually. In addition, distribution ERP software makes it easier for you to practice asset-centric maintenance, which eliminates many of the costs of reactive maintenance and prevents costly asset failures.

The right ERP software for your distribution company does not focus on improving any one practice; rather, it provides a set of integrated tools that let you improve your company’s performance in a plethora of areas. One of the reasons we recommend Sage 300’s distribution ERP software is its integrated modules, each of which helps you improve a set of important practices for your company. We at The Answer Company are happy to answer any questions concerning this ERP software for distribution company; contact us for more information.