As a distributor, it’s vital for you to seamlessly integrate new suppliers and sourced products into your supply chain. You need quick access to data regarding inventory, orders, shipments and suppliers as this means controlling your costs and quickly processing orders. Sage 300 Distribution allows you to streamline warehouse operations, manage pricing and promotion and to better serve customers.

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  • Inventory Visiblity

    Tracking your inventory can save your company from bleeding unnecessary funds. Sage 300cloud's impressive inventory function allows for importing/exporting between systems while users are able to access web and mobile dashboards that provide your business visibility into its Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). KPIs can track how your business is doing over time and can highlight critical weak points within your organization as well as areas that can be optimized. With inventory visibility you can save time on forecasting, minimize stock-outs and reduce excess inventory items.

  • RMA

    Having the option to return products encourages trust between your customers and increases their satisfaction. You can ensure returns are properly inspected, recorded and allocated to the proper location as well as automate service calls for repairs. With Sage 300cloud's RMA capabilities, you can easily gain insight into your product's quality and satisfaction value while empowering your customer service team.

  • Lot/Serialized Tracking

    With serialized tracking, you're able to report and share your materials' data with suppliers and customers, allowing them insight on where individual items came and went. Sage 300's tracking abilities allows you to better manage logisitcs, automate notifications such as demand triggers, as well as arrange better terms with suppliers.

  • Price List Flexibility

    Optimize your profits by delivering dynamic product pricing to your customers. Set up discounts by percentage, monetary value or weight and run limited promotional campaigns to promote your products. With the flexibility that Sage 300cloud offers, you can automatically manage product price lists based on pre-defined rules, quickly optimizing profits while simultaneously saving you time.

  • Quantity Reordering Information

    With Sage 300cloud's QRI abilities, you're able to keep different re-order information for different parts of the year, especially those sold from inventory or seasonal by nature. You're also able to specify quantities for as many periods within the year, as well as record minimum and maximum numbers of units you want in your inventory. Further automate the process by enabling report sending when specific inventory items run low.

  • Customer Contract Pricing

    Create specialized contracts for specific customers with Sage 300cloud's contract pricing options. Set contracts for a specified duration of time and eliminate business costs and potential disagreements by painting a clear picture between your business and your clients.

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