No industry is as unique as the mining, oil and gas industry. Rough terrain, tough equipment, and strict regulation keep those in the industry working hard to overcome rising challenges, without cost-incurring delays. Mining, oil and gas companies need an enterprise management solution that delivers comprehensive functionality to meet these challenges, Sage X3 delivers just that. 

  • Fleet Management Tools

    The Sage X3 Route Optimizer captures details of delivery addresses, quantities and preferred time windows. Vehicle types and capacities can also be accounted for, as well as driver shift details. This user-friendly solution works behind the scenes to automatically calculate the most effective delivery sequences, using sophisticated algorithms. You can then validate or manually modify proposed routes and send confirmation to your drivers with maps and driving instructions.

  • Fixed Asset Tracking and Maintenance

    Maximize productivity and the return on your investments with Sage X3. Your company needs to adhere to stringent occupational and environmental safety regulations, and minimize the total costs involved in the acquisition, operations as well as maintenance of equipment. The Enterprise Asset Management modules provide functionality to minimize unplanned and costly down-time and help plans for maintenance to keep the equipment and fleet in supreme working order in order to maximize profits.

  • Inter-Company Transactions

    Sage X3 utilizes a common frame of reference and management rules for a multi-company, multi-site, and multi-legislation structure. Resource companies benefit from a consolidated view of operations as well as the automatic generation of inter-company sales and purchase flows. These companies can reduce errors with control over inter-company transactions, which makes a considerable difference in efficiency and profitability.

  • Defined Configuration for Mining Production and Analysis

    Sage X3 provides a comprehensive blueprint for the mining industry and offers solutions for exploration, development and production. Scalable sets of modules fit any mining operation and are available globally with Sage and Local Partner Support. Sage X3 is a complete end-to-end mining solution with low TCO and rapid deployment.

  • Analytics for Production, Costing, and Sales

    Sage X3 enables every business user, executive, and manager to create a view of data that is meaningful to their role. It also enables the team to analyze data to create an accurate and detailed picture of what is going on in all areas of the business, including sales, operations, and costing analysis. Sage X3 goes beyond the world of spreadsheets and report writers to provide an intuitive, unified view of integrated data from various sources.