As a leader in the franchise industry, you need a business management solution that operates smoothly and connects locations seamlessly while also providing you with information to help you grow. Modern software for franchise management allows each franchisee to function as an autonomous unit while still allowing franchise executives to view a consolidated and real-time dashboard with the metrics that matter most, whether that be KPIs for retail, restaurant, fitness, hospitality, professional services, or any other industry.

How ERP Solves Franchise Pain Points


  • Managing International Locations

    When your franchise expands into international destinations, there will be added complications. Our franchise-designed ERP solutions function in multiple currencies, languages, and company capabilities. Cloud architecture allows you to view all real-time information and operations across every store, allowing you to manage international locations from your local office.

  • Franchisee Recruitment

    Besides keeping operations smooth across your multi-chain business, a pain point of franchises is recruiting new promising franchisees from diverse locations. Holistic ERP solutions have a centralized system to record notes, activities, leads, and next steps for reaching good franchisee candidates, functioning similar to a CRM.

  • Centralized Control

    Juggling multiple software and manually transferring documents can dramatically reduce productivity. The solution to this pain point is an integrated centralized software that gives 100% data transparency. For your financial analysis, you can view real-time dashboards for particular chains or a consolidation of all locations.

  • Updates Across Locations

    When you are launching a last-minute sale across several of your franchise locations, you must scramble to communicate details to all locations and confirm that sale prices have been properly integrated within the system. With a cloud ERP solution, you can easily implement price changes into the system across all locations or select locations of choice.

  • Royalty Invoicing

    When your business expands into several franchisees of different sizes and contracts, invoicing royalties will become a time-consuming process. Miscalculating royalties or making payments late can result in damaged relationships between you and your franchisees. Modern ERP solutions have automated royalty invoicing, allowing you to track and pay royalties without the worry of forgetting.

  • Differing Financial Structures

    Each franchise location often has its own chart of accounts, financial reporting requirements, and taxation rules — making accounting and financial analyses extremely difficult and time-consuming. With a cloud-based Franchise ERP solution, perform real-time consolidations quickly and be able to manage every store’s transactions, receivables, and payables while on the road.

The Benefits of ERP for Franchise

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  • Real-Time Financial Management

    As the number of your franchise locations increase, so does the difficulty of accurate month-end reporting. A modern software for franchise management gives you real-time reporting and completely eliminates the need for manual monthly Excel reports. Instead, keep a constant eye on all your locations with real-time data to troubleshoot operational or financial errors right away.

  • Inventory Management

    An advanced ERP solution allows you to control inventory minimums and maximums, automate restocking, and centralize all real-time inventory levels into one system that can be viewed by franchisee managers. Optimizing inventory levels and reducing waste can dramatically boost profitability across all your locations.

  • Dynamic Dashboards

    Instead of being overwhelmed with a mound of data from every franchise location, find useful business insights in easy-to-read dashboards that are filtered down to the KPIs that matter to you. You can also adjust your dashboard to show consolidated data across all stores, particular stores in a geographic area, or just one store.

  • Integrate with Key Applications

    Advanced ERP software for franchise management like Sage Intacct or Acumatica use open API architecture, giving you the ability to integrate with your choice of applications. Connect with your chosen POS, HR and payroll, asset management, franchise management, and payment software. Easily migrate data from disparate systems and integrate any new systems as your business expands.

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