Manufacturing Job Costing – Infographic

With the right manufacturing software, you’re able to accurately estimate costs such as materials, labour, set up costs and more and always keep them in check. Accurately estimating your costs is complex but your manufacturing organization’s success rests on being able to precisely determine your operational needs.  This is why implementing a modern manufacturing ERP solution that incorporates accurate manufacturing job costing is of utmost importance.

Download the infographic “Manufacturing Job Costing” below to see how easily you can estimate complex manufacturing costs with the right tools and information at your fingertips.

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Manufacturing Job costing infographic

Acumatica cloud ERP allows you to define, collect and manage your data from start to finish in an integrated environment. Acumatica offers support for manufacturing types across the board, including made-to-stock, made-to-order, engineer-to-order, project-centric, job shop, batch and repetitive manufacturing companies.

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