Nonprofit Technology Trends in 2022

2022 is coming to an end and, as the challenges continue from the hangover of the global pandemic, the results of the Nonprofit Technology Trends survey have shown tremendous resilience and creativity in the nonprofit sector. In this report, we compare metrics from pre-pandemic, in the thick of the pandemic, and now. 

The 2020 Nonprofit Tech Trends report provided helpful insights into how nonprofits leverage technology to achieve their goals and accomplish their mission despite the circumstances. In this 2022 report, we dive into the economic and health impacts of disruption on the nonprofit sector and how various organizations dealt with it. It also looks into how leadership responded to and supported this overwhelming disruption. 

In light of this, the 2022 Nonprofit Technology survey asks finance leaders from the nonprofit sector to provide their opinions on the economic landscape, the difficulties they encounter, and their use of technology, both in and outside the context of the epidemic.

In this report, we’ll present not only reassuring data from more than 900 charity finance leaders, but also instances of inventiveness that helped NGOs succeed in 2022 rather than only survive.

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Nonprofit Tech trends


Inside the report, you will find the highlighted ways that some nonprofits innovated this year, like virtual programming, increased global reach and barrier-free hiring. These efforts have lead to increased funding and donations for 2022.

Many NGOs have depended heavily on technology more than ever before to take proactive measures to engage with their communities and tell their stories. 

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