Outgrowing Sage 50? 4 reasons why Sage Intacct may be the best next choice

As companies using Sage 50 grow, most will eventually face a familiar roadblock. The accounting software that worked well when your organization was smaller can no longer keep up. Maybe you’ve opened additional locations or acquired another business entity. Maybe your transaction volume or your historical database is large enough to strain and slow the system. Maybe your business has evolved and changed, and as a result, you need new functionality that your existing software doesn’t support. If you’re wondering if it’s time to upgrade from Sage 50, this brief whitepaper can help you decide.

We frequently hear from Sage 50 users in these situations. For many of them, we recommend Sage Intacct as an ideal fit. If you want to upgrade from Sage 50, we offer four reasons why Sage Intacct may be the best next choice.


1. Dimensions

Once you’ve had dimensions, you’ll never go back. Sage Intacct perfects the use of dimensions. Think of dimensions as bits of user-defined information (location, department, territory, sales rep, etc.) you associate with any transaction. You can create an unlimited number of dimensions and every transaction can be assigned multiple dimensions. By using dimensions, you only need to set up your primary general ledger account code. No more segments! Use them in reports, dashboards, and KPIs to provide insight into the data that matters to your organization.


2. Multi-Entity Management

Whether you are managing two entities or 200, without purpose-built functionality, multi-entity accounting is a complicated and time-consuming process. Sage Intacct was designed around multi-entity management. You can quickly set up new entities and consolidate hundreds of entities in minutes — not days. Sage Intacct users report they’re able to close their monthly books up to 80% faster than before.


3. Cloud Native

2020 taught us that remote access to your business applications is mandatory. Sage Intacct offers anywhere, anytime access with 99.8% guaranteed availability and top-shelf security. Cloud accounting provides a multitude of advantages beyond accessibility. For example, it requires fewer IT resources to maintain, backups are automatic, and new features are delivered automatically.


4. Supports Your Growth

You want your next-generation business management solution to support your operations for a good, long time. That’s why it’s essential to choose a scalable solution like Sage Intacct to ensure your organization has room to grow. Not only does it scale, but Sage Intacct automates workflows and allows you to grow without increasing overhead. Sage Intacct users report they’ve been able to double — and even quadruple — their companies’ revenues with little or no increase in headcount. With built-in functionality like automated invoice generation and payment processing, you can put more effort into planning your growth strategies, and less into routine tasks.


We’ve helped many companies upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage Intacct. As a result, they’re gaining better visibility, increasing flexibility, improving business and financial processes, and achieving a meaningful and measurable ROI. See if the time is right to make your move by reviewing The Top 5 Reasons to Graduate from Sage 50, and then reach out to a member of our consulting team at 1-866-670-6686 or through our contact page.