How CFOs Drive SaaS Growth and Success

The Cloud Market continues to grow and SaaS startups will continue to attract investors. With rapid SaaS growth, the demand and opportunities for SaaS CFOs are changing quickly and SaaS startups need to learn how to deliver impressive results. SaaS CFOs have a unique opportunity to drive business decisions, sales strategies and grow your startup!

To help you better understand how to drive SaaS growth and how to best set yourself up for success, download this infographic, “How SaaS Subscription CFOs Drive Growth and Success” and learn how CFO roles are changing, their challenges, and the opportunities in the SaaS industry. Learn from other SaaS Startups who have delivered impressive results with Sage Intacct and are now poised to conquer any new challenges and opportunities.

How SaaS Subscription CFOs Drive Growth and Success

If you want to learn more about how CFOs are stepping up as a strategic member of SaaS executive teams, check out “How SaaS CFOs use SaaS Metrics to grow their subscription businesses

Sage Intacct is an all-in-one scalable solution that offers smarter subscription management software-from quote to financial forecast. It is the only IFRS 15 cloud accounting and billion solutions and can:

  • Reduce quote-to-case processing time by up to 60%
  • Cut the financial close by up to 79%
  • Increase operational cash flow by up to 20%
  • Grow up to 400% without additional finance headcount
  • Reduce revenue-forecast variances to less than 10%, which can increase your valuation in fund-raising
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