SaaS ERP: Benefits of Web-Native Sage X3 vs Sage PFW

Since Sage announced the retirement of Sage PFW (to be completed on March 2014), users of the solution may have been dreading what is to come. Worry not, after nearly a year of The Answer Company helping companies migrate from Sage PFW to new solutions, we’ve seen these companies realize considerable benefits by upgrading their technology, particularly when migrating to Sage X3, available as an SaaS ERP system.  For reference, in the past two weeks, we’ve reviewed the Distribution and Finance benefits.

Sage X3: An SaaS ERP and TECHNOLOGY Upgrade for User Interactions

Sage X3 is a definite technology upgrade for any company that has grown accustomed to Sage PFW. Companies upgrading from Sage PFW can expect to see improvements across the board, particularly in quality of user interaction and technology. A web-based solution designed with the user in mind, X3 tracks all activities and transactions in real-time, making valuable information visible and accessible. If you have gotten used to Sage PFW, Sage X3 will be a real pleasure to use.

The system is very flexible and the technology can be adapted to the needs of the business. User-defined processes and dashboards, as well as workflows make it an efficient tool and an easier transition for employees. When we delivered the solution to Garden Protein, a food manufacturer based in British Columbia, we were able to make the system match the way the company works. “That led to quicker return on investment, broad acceptance of the solution across the organization, and greater efficiency in our operations,” stated Peter Demers, Vice President of Operations.

Unlimited Companies and Increased Access Through Web-Based Platform

Unlike Sage PFW, Sage X3 can be set up to accommodate the operations of an unlimited number of companies and business units. The system is available in ten languages and multiple legislations, ideal for companies expanding into the global arena. Taking it one step further, the system’s web-native communicative platform connects and fosters communications between companies and business units, including remote users, partners, and web-hosted applications.

By incorporating all information into a single system that can be accessed anywhere, Sage X3 improves the ability for companies to fully access the value of its relationships. These relationships include customers, suppliers, carriers, and sales reps, where the information pertaining to each is collected, organized, and can be accessed by a sales rep on the road or by the CEO at headquarters, according to user-defined authorization.

Not to mention, all the new features…

Also unlike Sage ERP, Sage X3 comes loaded with new features and functionality that drastically improve users experience with the system. Everything about the user’s interaction with the system is improved: the way the system looks, the way the flow of information is presented to users, and the way processes can be easily visualized and managed. This is because the system comes equipped with built-in workflow, dashboard, and process flows.

Workflows (see picture below) allow for approvals and notifications of work steps, while the dashboard provides a viewing of real time information into a screen the user defines. Users can pick what information they want to track and be presented with. Visual process flows map the steps of the company and employee’s tasks, for easy-to-use navigation and an intuitive understanding of the business’ operations. None of this is available in Sage PFW, but in Sage X3 the user gets to define how the business data within the system is presented and organized.


It should be mentioned that the system works with the latest database and technology, supporting SQL server and Oracle database. Stay tuned as we also explore how Sage X3 will change the way companies do business, as new technology becomes available for organizations migrating away from PFW. Next week, we will be looking at how the solution brings change and benefits through its manufacturing bundles.