Sage 500 ERP Active Planner

Take control of the budget process and bring strategic insight to business planning with Sage 500 ERP Active Planner, an enterprise-wide, purpose-built budgeting and planning application.

With Sage 500 ERP Active Planner, you can make quicker, more informed business decisions by shortening budgeting and planning cycles. And with a planning process that is easier and more efficient, you can encourage collaboration across all lines of business and tie budgeting activities to organizational performance.

Organize and manage the budgeting and planning process

Free yourself from time-consuming spreadsheet mechanics and focus on strategic budgeting and planning. With Sage Active Planner, you improve the flow of key information, such as business drivers and transaction data, through templates, automatic distribution and consolidation of the budget, central control over budget revisions, real-time seamless integration of data sources, and built-in security mechanisms. With more control over your budgeting and planning process, you can create effective, more accurate budgets and forecasts, and render a true analysis of company performance.

Utilize bottom-up or top-down budgeting processes—or a combination of both

Whether you need to allocate a revenue target or cost projection from the top down, or consolidate several different budget plans from the bottom up,Sage 500 ERP Active Planner accommodates your organizational structure and provides a purpose-built solution. Strong management capabilities allow for seamless integration of budget submissions from multiple departments, using “Plan Sheets” that have a familiar spreadsheet look and feel.