Sage PFW vs Sage 100

Since March 31, 2014, Sage PFW has been retired. The Answer Company remains deeply committed to the success of organizations that have invested into this solution through the Sage Investment Protection Plan (SIPP).

Learn about the features in Sage 100 (Benefits over Sage PFW), some of which include:

Financials Bundle and General Platform

  • Built-in visual process flows for easy-to-use navigation and workflow can be customized for your business, by role.
  • Drill down from a single screen into originating document, which saves valuable time when researching results.
  • Use the inquiry option in all modules to have “view-only access” to various interrelated data, streamlining access to information all within one function.
  • Custom Office module creates user-defined fields (UDF) that retain data and can be posted to files for later use in reports. UDFs can be added to any screen, inquiry, lookup, or form.
  • Customizable lookups (managed per user) can be used for several functions including sorting and displaying of data, printing, or exporting to Excel for analysis (without requiring manipulation in spreadsheet).
  • Visual Integrator (VI) is an import/export utility for importing outside data or exporting Sage 100 data; VI can be used for migrating data from other ERP systems such as Sage PFW.
  • Paperless Office is included, and it electronically stores all documents as a PDF during the posting process or running of reports, allowing faxing and emailing based on initial setup.
  • Both ACH and positive pay are available.
  • Monthly closing processes are minimal and easy since there is no month-end GL process necessary.
  • One Sage CRM user license is included and provides integration with Sage 100 to improve front- and back-end collaboration.
  • Mobile applications include Sage Mobile Sales, Sage Mobile Service, and Sage Billing and Payments.
  • Built-in dashboard capabilities allow viewing of real-time information for quick view analysis by executives.
  • System supports SQL Server database.
  • Superior security settings are based on roles and users and can include posting of transactions; users can be assigned to multiple roles.
  • Both online and on-premises options are available.

Distribution Bundle

  • Inventory provides comprehensive pricing and costing methods including standard, average, LIFO, FIFO, serial, and lot costing method.
  • Strong and flexible pricing feature is set by combinations of totals, items, groups, and customers.
  • Drill down from item inquiry into sales and purchase history to view invoices, lot/serial detail, GL distributions, and receipt history.
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  • Streamline access to on-hand inventory and pricing details from inventory maintenance screen, new with version 2013 and ideal for sales personnel.
  • Inventory labels can include bar codes, supporting both Code 39 and Code 128 bar-code formats.
  • Multilevel Bill of Materials is included as part of distribution bundle.
  • Purchasing calculates landed cost with an unlimited number of user-definable costs for each general ledger clearing account.
  • Purchase receipt labels with bar codes can be printed for inventory items.
  • User-defined fields can flow from inventory items to sales order and purchase order lines and can be printed on reports and forms and stored in history.
  • Lot/Serial Transaction History report is included.
  • Warranty expiration dates for items are calculated and can print on invoices and packing slips.
  • Memos can be set to automatically pop up for vendors and customers from related data entry points throughout the system including sales order entry, cash receipts, and purchase order entry.
  • Enter blanket and repeating orders to speed the process when you regularly order from the same vendor.
  • National account management features streamline branch and corporate customer billing while keeping unique accounts.

Additional Sage 100 Modules for Manufacturing and More

  • Material Requirements Planning is designed to help you take into account and evaluate your demand and supply and combine build-time and lead-time functions to estimate the need for each inventory item.
  • MRP also includes:
    • Entry for monthly or weekly sales projections.
    • Automatic generation of work orders.
    • Purchase order and Sales order integration.
  • Work Order module lets you issue work orders, develop schedules, and control your manufacturing process with access to up-to-the-minute, work-in-process information. Also includes:
    • Work order estimates.
    • Variety of material issue methods.
    • Work order scheduling and capacity analysis.
    • By-product accommodation.
  • Bar Code can be used to streamline your warehouse processes enabling your shipping and receiving staff to collect data rapidly and accurately.