Sage BusinessVision Users can Benefit from Business Intelligence Software and Reporting in Sage ERP X3 – Part 1

The business case for companies to migrate from Sage BusinessVision to a complete ERP solution is strong. Amongst the reasons that stand out are: pricing incentives, mobile access, and additional functionality, including advanced reporting and the use of business intelligence software. Companies that upgrade from BV to Sage ERP X3 greatly improve their reporting capabilities.

Sage ERP X3 is a much more advanced system than Sage BusinessVision. It traces and connects all business processes of an organization in real time, collecting data, organizing it in intelligence reports, and thus turning routine actions into valuable information.

X3’s different modules use the data captured from the system. Through the system’s automated intelligence and reporting module, Sage Enterprise Intelligence, users get advanced and detailed reports – such as worksheet reports, graphical reports, and dashboard – on the business’ performance.

Companies currently using Sage BusinessVision have very shallow reporting capabilities. The system is unable to account for many of the company’s business processes and reporting is limited to sales analysis and sales order information, as well as purchase orders and purchase analysis.

BV users do not have the privilege of automated reporting. Instead, they have to manually pull data from their system and fit into manually created financial reports in Excel. With Sage ERP X3, companies enjoy real time, financial reporting that is automated, leading to hours of work saved weekly.

The system comes equipped with a report builder (in addition to already built-in standard reports) that can access all fields, tables, views, and stored procedures in Sage ERP X3. It automatically pulls all the data and creates your own Excel based reports from all X3 modules, financial or otherwise.

The benefits of using Sage ERP X3 over Sage Business Vision for financial, accounting, and intelligence reporting include:

  • Automating Reporting – Saving Hours of Accounting and Bookkeeping Time
  • Leveraging Existing Microsoft Excel Skills
  • Immediate Reporting with Standard Reports and Dashboard
  • Multi-company Reports and Consolidation

To learn the specifics of how each of these benefits, you can read our follow up blog on the advantages of Sage ERP X3 over Sage BusinessVision for Business Intelligence and Reporting.