Sage Intacct for Nonprofits: Real-Time Visibility Lets Your Nonprofit Plan Forward

Nonprofit organizations need data in real-time to plan for a constantly changing future. With Sage Intacct for Nonprofits, leaders and finance professionals can access important data within seconds. 

Sage Intacct offers customizable dashboards that reflect crucial data unique to your Nonprofit’s needs. Be it fundraising, staffing, programs, or one of the other varied industry challenges — Sage Intacct helps Nonprofits think forward. Easy and efficient access to reports and visualizations allows executives to focus on what matters most: having the greatest impact. 

Download our Sage Intacct Nonprofit Financial Reporting and Dashboards datasheet to learn how to achieve real-time visibility into your Nonprofit’s performance and empower your Nonprofit finance teams to make data-driven decisions for greater social impact. 


What is real-time visibility?

Real-time visibility means live information about your Nonprofit to help you make the best forward-thinking decisions.

Sage Intacct’s dashboards can be easily personalized for the individual needs of organizations and departments. They include performance information that is relevant to specific roles such as revenue for executives or program metrics for program managers. 

With Sage Intacct, you can see data about your organization’s financial health, expenses and revenues in a visual report, and you can connect with other systems in one central location. These dashboards reduce time and cost for your Nonprofit, providing easy access to the most crucial data. 

Real-time data propels your Nonprofit forward

Sage Intacct for Nonprofits ensures timely access to knowledge that allows your organization to evaluate current performance and design a new future. It offers insights into outcomes and impact customized to your organization: individuals trained, patients treated, or people helped. Nonprofit financial reporting systems are key to saving money and time for your future goals. 

“Sage Intacct is our one-stop-shop where we see not only the organization’s financial data, but statistical details like income and expenses per constituent as well. One thing that’s been really helpful for us is Sage Intacct’s personalized dashboards, where each manager, executive, and finance team member can get the information we need in one place and drill-down to explore the data as needed.”

~ Dana Bakker, Controller, Hope Haven


How does Sage Intacct benefit Nonprofits?

1. It turns data into insights

Sage Intacct for Nonprofits analyzes data produced in real time and allows you to effortlessly create reports specific to your role, program, location, funding source, and more. Reports and dashboards are customizable to your organization’s unique needs, with flexible sharing and delivery methods. 

The nonprofit Digital Board Book, for example, offers visualizations of your organization’s financial well-being. Graphs include major expense categories, estimated full costs, liability composition, and more. This dashboard provides best practice metrics to see your Nonprofit’s impact in real time. 

Other dashboards include fundraising and outcomes dashboards, which provide numerical data about your Nonprofit’s metrics (ex. number of donors, average giving) and impact (ex. program efficiency, people helped) respectively. 


2. It increases visibility across your nonprofit’s dimensions

Sage Intacct recognizes the multidimensional nature of Nonprofit organizations. Automated reporting makes it easy to access statistical data to track metrics, saving you time and money. An integration connects you to other systems to centralize your key data across dimensions, letting you see all information on one dashboard. 

Drill-down capabilities also offer financial transparency by sourcing transactions and attachments. Sage Intacct’s Compliance Dashboards provide a central hub for financial and disclosure information, making it possible to easily track compliance, disclosures, and reporting. 

Report visualization allows you to observe trends and spot exceptions.


3. It delivers personalized data for different stakeholders

Your Nonprofit needs the right information that is relevant to the right people. Sage Intacct’s dashboards are easily customizable to individual needs. The finance team can curate dashboards and modify permissions to ensure that all roles are receiving only what they need.  

A role-based dashboard, for example, contains all the information necessary for a specific role. This might include lives impacted, program efficiency, revenues, expenditures, and more. For your auditors, you could create a read-only dashboard to optimize the audit process. 

To save time and money, Sage Intacct for Nonprofits allows users to select the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most. Finance professionals can also sort, filter, and create visualizations of data efficiently using Sage Intacct — without intensive training. 


Save Time and Money

Sage Intacct nonprofit financial reporting and dashboards is the key to saving time and money in your organization by streamlining and centralizing processes. This allows your Nonprofit to focus on the future by using the most crucial information in real time, boosting your overall impact. 

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Download our Sage Intacct Nonprofit Financial Reporting and Dashboards datasheet today.