Sage Intacct: Not Just an Accounting Solution

Sage Intacct has a well-earned & accurate reputation as a powerful, true cloud solution that provides the tools and support to modernize a business’s approach to data management, streamline processes and drive growth. It also has a reputation, which happens to be a misconception, that it’s just a financial solution, exclusively capable of providing tools for financial management. It’s time to set things straight.

… so it’s not a financial solution?

We’re not saying that – Sage Intacct is definitely a financial solution. In fact, it was rated the #1 accounting software and financial management solution for customer satisfaction in Fall of 2018*, however it actually also offers much more. In addition to Sage Intacct’s core financial capabilities (which include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, General Ledger, Order Management, Purchasing, Reporting & Dashboards and Spend Management), it also offers a wide range of integrated modules. These modules, such as Inventory Management and CRM (Salesforce), expand the solution far beyond accounting and finances, making Sage Intacct popular with businesses in a wide scale of industries ranging from hospitality and nonprofits, to professional services, software & SaaS and wholesale distribution.

With these modules businesses can tie together their tasks and processes for Sales, Accounting, Operations and more, all under a centralized solution. Whether you’re a wholesale distribution company that needs to optimize product inventory, streamline purchasing, manage multiple locations and warehouses, or a nonprofit organization that needs to manage multiple currencies, grants, donors and create highly specialized reports, Sage Intacct is able to provide an appropriately robust set of tools and features that drive business success. There are, of course, going to be industries and businesses that Sage Intacct doesn’t meet the demands of (there are for every solution) and the most significant of which for Sage Intacct are manufacturing businesses that require capabilities such as recipe management and formulation. You can’t be everything for everyone right?

One of the reasons we’re seeing companies choose Sage Intacct is that businesses can expand the solution as they grow. Initially, a business can focus on utilizing the solution for accounting purposes using the core financials, but as it grows additional modules can be integrated with Sage Intacct, empowering it to serve as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and not simply a financial management solution. This ensures that businesses are only paying for advanced features when they actually need them, freeing up more funds to be efficiently used and invested in other areas of the business.

Yes, Sage Intacct offers world class financial management tools (there’s a reason it is the preferred solution by AICPA), but it’s also a powerful, integrated business management solution making it a fantastic fit for small and medium sized businesses across multiple industries.

*G2 Crowd Mid-Market Grid® Report for Accounting – Fall 2018