Saleslogix CRM 8.1 Hidden gems

We are all very excited about the next release of Saleslogix.  Saleslogix 8.1 has several features, fixes, and usability improvements to get excited about.  One of the things I am excited about is our new Swiftpage icons and color scheme.  Yes, we are proud to be part of the Swiftpage Nation and we can officially say we are “core and unleashed”.  Let’s talk about some of the new capabilities of Saleslogix 8.1.

In previous journal posts, we have shared some of the new features with you.  We have talked about the new version of our mobile client which includes KPIs, Charts, and our new and revolutionary dialog-based card views.  We have introduced new widgets for the Saleslogix dashboard to help bring more information into your view of the customer.  We have added support for Chrome and Safari browsers.  And, activities now allow you to add multiple attendees to meetings and other tasks.

We have not had a chance to talk about some of the new Outlook integration features.   As LAN users you may be familiar with the features.  If not, you should take a fresh new look at what they can do for you.  The new capabilities turbo charge how you manage your email.  The features utilize our Saleslogix Adaptive Client platform which integration fast and seamless. Our platform allows us to put Saleslogix capabilities and your Saleslogix customer data where you work. In this case it is from within Microsoft Outlook.  We all manage email as part of our daily tasks. Making it easier to manage interactions with customers and customer relationships is what Saleslogix is all about.  The new features will help bring that great customer data found, stored, managed, measured, and tracked in Saleslogix to your email in Microsoft Outlook.

Here are some of the highlights.  You can look up Saleslogix contacts based on groups. The system auto-resolves contact names.  Names appear as you type them into Outlook.  You can view Saleslogix details about a contact by view the contact properties.  Create distribution lists from an account or opportunity.  Attach Saleslogix library documents to your email.  Sync your information using our new desktop-based sync engine.  You can share your contact information or customer contact information as vCards.  vCard are nifty standard way of attaching contact information in a tidy sharable file.  And, the last notable gem is that its now 32 or 64-bit compatible.

By David Wallace. Originally published on October 3, 2013 on the Saleslogix Community.