What do you get when you combine three industry-leading digital transformation tools? A rock-solid integration that lets security companies leverage automation, efficiently manage staff and get full end-to-end visibility on their whole operation. That’s not a punchline, by the way, it’s just a fact!

In fact, The Answer Company – who are one of the top Sage Intacct resellers in Canada – has been working alongside the teams from Criterion and TrackTik to create seamless multi-way integration between these platforms and Sage Intacct.

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What is Sage Intacct? 

Sage Intacct is the leader in cloud Financial Management– uniquely endorsed by the AICPA, ranked highest in customer satisfaction on G2 Crowd and TrustRadius, and recognized as visionary by industry analysts. With Sage Intacct, you can gain real-time financial and operational visibility throughout your business and leverage comprehensive financial controls to ensure security and compliance. The Sage Intacct system includes accounting, cash management, purchasing, vendor management, financial consolidation, revenue recognition, subscription billing, contract management, project accounting, fund accounting, inventory management, and financial reporting applications, all delivered through the cloud.

What is TrackTik?

TrackTik is a software solution that enables security organizations to connect frontline staff, back office management, and clients to drive improved operational efficiency and data insights in a single solution. A dedicated mobile app lets security guards log incidents, take video footage and photos in real-time at the location of an incident, while also sending instant alerts to the office support staff that something is amiss. Advanced scheduling lets staff automate shift assignments, utilize shift bidding, employee time-off requests, and other factors to create weekly schedules for your guards.

What is Criterion?

Criterion is a leader in the mid-market for Human Capital Management (HCM) software. It engages with everyone in your organization, from your C-Suite to new employees. It covers everything from recruitment, to documenting credentials or certifications, training for current employees, time management and performance reviews. The self-service option also empowers employees and takes small repeat tasks off the plate of your HR team.

Integrating Sage Intacct with Criterion and TrackTik

While each of these platforms leads in their respective areas, a security company without the integration effectively has three (albeit very powerful) data silos. Integrating the financials from Sage Intacct with the HCM capabilities of Criterion and the operational strengths of TrackTik, you create a single source of truth for the entire organization.

Since all three platforms are based in the cloud, the integration is very smooth. It also means that product updates won’t break the integration (which can sometimes happen with on-premise solutions).

Watch the Demo >

See the integration in action and what it looks like from a user perspective.

What can the integration do?

There are a few areas where the integration solution really shines. 

Guards in the security industry often require certifications or credentials. On top of that, there may be multiple tiers of access (more experienced staff at more sensitive locations, etc.) Both of these classifications can be documented in Criterion, and then passed through to TrackTik, where staff that is working on scheduling can match guards with the appropriate jobs. 

In addition to that, security staff can enter their timesheets which will flow through Criterion, as well as the payroll solution. If guards submit time-off requests in Criterion, this data is passed through to the scheduling module in TrackTik and will block off that time, ensuring guards don’t get shift assignments when they are on leave.

Criterion also has a self-serve option, where employees can submit time-off requests and manage their own personnel records. It can become a single centralized place for your employees to interact.

When billing their customers, the data from TrackTik on services provided, flows right into Sage Intacct, reducing the need for double data entry or errors in invoicing that could cost you money.

Many companies in this industry use spreadsheets to keep track of projects and whether or not they are profitable. Reports are often historical and manual based on the spreadsheet. Each contract in TrackTik can be established as a project in Sage Intacct. Real-time dashboards provide insight into how certain parameters are performing. In the highly competitive security landscape, understanding how profitable your projects are is invaluable.

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