Criterion is a leader in the mid-market for Human Capital Management (HCM) software. It engages with everyone in your organization, from your C-Suite to new employees. Scalability, flexibility and configurability are all hallmarks of the Criterion Suite. Powerful capabilities are wrapped in modern and clean user interface, making it easy for the majority of users.

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  • Data-Driven Reports

    With all of that data in one centralized place, it would be wasteful to just let it sit there. When it’s sliced-and-diced the right way, it can unlock insights into where your company is succeeding and where it can be improved. Criterion uses Pentaho Reporting to make this happen. Reports can be pulled from virtually any data source and are based on database queries defined by the user. Reports are highly-detailed and ready to be printed at any time.

  • Better Talent Management

    Criterion’s Talent Management module is an end-to-end solution for every activity from posting the job notification online to onboarding the new staff. It centrally stores applicant’s information, which can then be amended with interview notes and results, references, and any background checks done. You can even dynamically search for skill sets among applicants. Once the staff start, you can assign on-boarding activities defined for their new role.

  • Greater Accuracy and Efficiency

    Streamlining and automating HCM processes that are, generally, very labor-intensive can make your company more efficient. This includes everyday tasks like benefits administration or performance reviews. Once this information is processed, it’s held in one single database that everyone in your company works from. This cuts down on outdated, mismatched or duplicate records created by multiple employees.

  • Cost and Time Savings

    By automating and optimizing workflows, and cutting down on time and labor costs, Criterion can help you cut costs across your company. There are employee self-service options that allow you to cut out back-and-forth communications and minimize the amount of time your HR team needs to invest to provide simple information, like vacation requests or benefits information, that employees can download themselves.

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