Software Solutions and ERP Systems for Process Manufacturers

Process manufacturers in Canada and the United States need an ERP system that will offer support for process-based manufacturing functionality, like managing formulas, recipes, batch production and lot control. In the past few weeks we have taken a closer look at Sage ERP X3 version 7, including how the ERP system fit with the needs of a Canadian distributor and wholesaler. Today we will take a closer look at how Sage ERP X3 version 7 is works for process manufacturers.

Process manufacturing consists of formulas and manufacturing recipes, and its main characteristic is that once an output is produced through the manufacturing process, it cannot be reversed back to its basic original components. This type of manufacturing is seen across many verticals that use ERP systems, notably food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

ERP systems that have in depth process manufacturing functionality will serve as the backbone for organizing the steps that make up the manufacturing cycle. ERP systems will help improve planning capabilities, improve return on investment through labor savings and improved accuracy, and provide accurate data not only to the manufacturing department, but also to customer service and accounting.

How Sage ERP X3 Version 7 Helps Process Manufacturers:
An ERP System with Formula and Manufacturing Recipe Management

Process manufacturers in Canada and the United States need an ERP system that will offer support for process-based manufacturing functionality, like managing formulas, recipes, batch production and lot control. Sage ERP X3 version 7 offers in depth and detailed recipe and formula management for strict control and proper recipe use to ensure consistency through the manufacturing process, in real time.

The system supports single and multi-level bill of materials (BOM) to manage recipes and routings during production. An employee for a manufacturing company with access to the system has visibility into exactly what is happening through each step of the manufacturing process. The system works with multiple units of measure and provides conversions instantly, calculating and tracking yield throughout production.

An ERP System with Extensive Traceability and Lot Tracking

We have covered the topic of traceability in depth, particularly because it deals with managing risk in the case a recall becomes necessary. Process manufacturers need an ERP system that provides forward and reverse traceability for any item, raw material, ingredient, and end-item with automated recall capabilities. Sage ERP X3 Version 7 does that across the supply chain, tracking items through suppliers, producers, processors, subcontractors, all the way through wholesaler and retailer.

Sage ERP X3 version 7 keeps track of each individual item and ingredient by plant, batch, supplier, lots and sub-lots. With this system, should a recall become necessary, it will start within minutes.

An ERP System with Batch Production, Planning and Scheduling

Process manufacturers can improve efficiencies through planning and scheduling manufacturing to better meet demand. An ERP system that incorporates batch production will be able to support each part of the production process, stage by stage over a series of workstations, accounting in detail for the tasks of each part of the process. It can get complex, but Sage ERP X3 version 7 reduces that complexity by laying out the manufacturing process through visual workflows, with drill down capabilities accessible by users.

Manufacturing companies using Sage ERP X3 Version 7 are able to schedule production runs defined by users, so that they fit the available time and resources within the production cycle. It also updates work orders during production, updating ingredient quantities immediately as they are used, and enabling real time planning of production like readjusting the size of the production if ingredients run low.

An ERP System with Quality Management of Manufacturing

Lastly, an ERP system for process manufacturers has to ensure that the end product meets the quality requirements of the company. Sage ERP X3 Version 7 has integrated quality control management to ensure the quality of raw materials is carried through to the finish good, and everything in between happens according to plan.

The system accounts for and supports users in conducting inspections throughout packaging and production. It also automatically quarantines any suspicious or substandard items for further inspection or disposal. Quality control testing and analysis results are recorded and maintained together with the production history.

Sage ERP X3 version 7 focuses on increasing the return on investment for process manufacturers by providing control and responsiveness in everyday operations.