Building a cohesive image of your business’ operations is a big task when you’re managing large amounts of data that is updated constantly. Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) sifts through fragmented and complex data to create tangible business intelligence to help inform your decision-making. SEI integrates fully with your Sage 300, Sage 500, and Sage X3 solution and adds easy-to-use tools for data analysis and secure access.
  • Immediate Decision Support

    Sage Enterprise Intelligence provides you with the tools to analyze and access data and reduce time spent searching for information to inform a decision. These intuitive business intelligence tools include powerful search capabilities, extensive visualizations such as graphs, maps and charts. You will also have live access to enterprise data from Microsoft® Excel and easily viewed transaction details.

  • Collaboration

    Easily share information across the organization and customize settings according to appropriate security levels. With this business intelligence solution you can now quickly share snapshots of critical data in email attachments and distribute elegant reports in a timely manner. In addition, you can notify managers of events that require immediate attention and easily stay current with collaborative decision-making.

  • Clarity

    Connecting to your Sage ERP solution and providing you with immediate and easily understandable data, SEI utilizes diagnostic tools that help to improve supply-chain performance, make better informed decisions and address concerns about quality.

  • Share Information Easily

    Sage Enterprise Intelligence is such an intuitive business intelligence tool that team members can create reports without special training. An easy-to-use web interface combined with mobile access makes sharing of information instantaneous. You can even utilize existing team skills and work with Excel to report on data.

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