Supply Chain Digital Transformation in the Face of Ongoing Disruptions and Complexities

The last 3 years went by like a breeze for many as the pandemic took its course; meanwhile, the supply chain industry was faced with several significant changes and challenges. Costs per container, duty rates, and fuel costs have all increased by multiple folds. Whether international or domestic, the supply chain industry continues to be confronted with large impacts today as container shortages remain and fulfillment is still backdated. 

Wheat and grains, among other commodities, and food processors are faced with these difficulties the most. Though it may seem the farmers would be benefiting from the increase in prices, the effects have been rippling into fertilizer manufacturing and more that farmers have to acquire for their own production. This ripple effect has spread over most industries in the economy and is in need of a solution to control and dampen the effects of the pandemic. 



The Biggest Disruptions for Supply Chain Management: Delays & Rising Costs

The most impacting concern during these times is the lack of predictability in delivery estimates, creating an immense challenge for all planning and in turn, causing unexpected costs to arise that affect future projects.

Staying Agile in An Ever-Changing Environment

Being proactive during this complex time will differentiate and elevate your positioning from the rest. Technology is a source of competitive advantage and leveraging the digital tools available is the next step in tackling these challenges. Utilizing supply chain management software, where you can fully map out your costs and clearly communicate with your channels will help to mitigate the risks. 

The tools available in supply chain management software have evolved exponentially over the years — functions and features are extensive and intuitive. Having full and real-time visibility across the business but also with customers is one of the many controls. Measure true comparisons to more accurately estimate future margins and plan accordingly during any changes. Logistics management — overseeing multiple containers, suppliers, shipments, goods, and more spread across multiple locations — is already a complicated job, but it has been made harder with all the disruptions. Let supply chain management software, like Sage X3, help you solve your inefficiencies and tackle the changes.


Continue reading to learn more about danica and Taymor’s experience with The Answer Company and their adoption of Sage X3.

Customer Success: danica

danica is a manufacturer and distributor of homegoods — kitchenware and home furnishings in particular. In response to the uncertainties of the pandemic, they faced doubled lead-times, goods with slimmed margins, and harsh consequences with customers when order fulfillment was late. With the help of The Answer Company, danica implemented Sage X3 and saw dramatic improvements. As a result of the Sage X3 supply chain management software implementation, danica is now able to view all aspects of their business with full visibility — enabling them to plan ahead and meet the demand. The estimated time of arrival for customer orders is near real-time now — customer satisfaction has increased and costs have been maintained.

Customer Success: Taymor

Taymor designs and manufactures architectural hardware products that require quality materials to produce. With the rising costs in commodity markets and an increased duty rate, Taymor found difficulty when the pandemic hit. Like many others, lead times also increased for Taymor. As the pressure intensified, Taymor sought a proactive solution. Sage X3 did just that for them in the ability to predict future margins, evaluate suppliers, and communicate with their customers with total transparency.



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