Top Software for Commercial Real Estate

In these webinars, learn about MyAssistant, OfficeConnector, ToolOps, Sage Field & Service Operations, Liberty Reports, Procore, Sage Paperless, and more. 

The construction and commercial real estate (CRE) industries face lots of market fluctuations. As a result of the global pandemic, many small and midsize construction and real estate companies were challenged with new customer demands, dampened revenue, and difficulties working both from the field and from home. Only by utilizing modern technology that is flexible enough to accommodate enterprise growth, able to connect with common software for commercial real estate, and designed to meet construction needs in a digital environment, can companies continue to grow through change.

While big companies have always embraced the newest technology to stay ahead of the curve, SMB leaders sometimes find themselves reluctant to change to or adopt new technology. Because the industry has done things traditionally for so long, many firms do not make the effort to adopt technology, knowing that their employees and new hires are unfamiliar with it. But companies that recognize the advantages of interconnected construction-specific systems will invest in training their team with new technologies. 

In the following CRE and Construction on-demand sessions of Propel, The Answer Company’s annual client event, our partners and experts in software for commercial real estate (CRE) and construction explore the newest technologies that top CRE and construction companies are adopting.


Modern Technology and Customer Choice, Sage Construction

The construction world is at a technology-driven inflection point. In this session, learn how this challenging environment, coupled with construction industry trends, make the industry ripe for growth opportunities. More than ever before, today’s customer is empowered to choose the right technology for their problem.


Using Sage’s MyAssistant for Notification and Alert Management

Sage MyAssistant pairs with your Sage 300 software to automate reporting for your company. For construction project managers that need an extra hand in staying on top of deadlines, MyAssistant creates automated notifications and alerts for expiring insurance, renewable contracts, invoice dues, expenses, project tasks, and more. When juggling multiple projects, human error is inevitable, so MyAssistant is there to help you better manage projects and contracts, without mistakes. In this session, learn about how construction firms are using MyAssistant and see a live demonstration. 


Power Up Your Excel with Sage’s OfficeConnector

Sage Office Connector is a series of applications that can save you hours of time on reporting and analysis tasks using Excel. Sage Office Connector is easy to learn and comes with a number of prebuilt queries, getting you up and running immediately. During this webinar, you’ll hear about the benefits of adding this module, a review of templates included, and see a short demonstration of the Query Designer.


Manage All of Your Tools with Tool Ops Software from Sage

It is easy to overlook the high costs of tool ownership. While investing in tools is necessary for success, you need a tool asset management that is scalable for your company size to help you document, track, and manage the condition and value of all your tool assets across many locations. In this session, see how Sage ToolOps, powered by Toolwatch, can help you reduce the cost of tool ownership.


Taking Your Construction, Field or Service Operations Mobile

Contractors face a slew of complexities every day. From tracking project tasks like purchase orders and change orders, to accurately capturing time in the field, it can be difficult to stay on top of all these tasks, all while staying on budget. This webinar explores how Sage Field Operations helps CRE and construction firms boost productivity and increase profits, by making project management more efficient.


Take Excel to the Next Level with Liberty Reports

In this presentation, learn all about Liberty Reports and see how Microsoft Excel can be transformed into an intuitive and powerful report designer for Sage 100 Contractor software for commercial real estate. This demonstration covers a number of the prebuilt queries, and shows how to create high-quality, intuitive reports within Excel.


Sage Construction and Procore

A strong project management software helps you stay on budget, create a schedule with everyone on board, collaborate on tasks from anywhere, and connect with your accounting and financial management software. That’s exactly what the modern construction management software, Procore, is designed for. Discover how Procore’s integration with Sage Construction software creates an interconnected ERP for you to have total visibility over all your projects and truly boost productivity. 


Running a Paperless Construction Office with Sage CRE

Moving towards a digital enterprise content management system reduces paperwork and administrative overhead for your company. Sage Paperless Construction allows for digitally capturing, routing, and administering essential company documents to office and field employees. In this demo, see how Sage Paperless can streamline document approval systems and efficiently retrieve company documentation.


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