Sage X3 Training

In this training program, you will develop an understanding of how to use Sage X3 and the ways it will benefit your business. The program is divided into four sections:

1) Getting Started Courses
2) Core Courses
3) Advanced Courses
4) Technical and Developer Courses

Courses can be tailored to your specific business needs, but the ‘Getting Started’ and ‘Core’ courses will cover the fundamentals in Sage X3 for financials, distribution, manufacturing, business intelligence and more. Trainee’s looking for more detailed information can follow the ‘Advanced’ and ‘Technical and Developer’ courses which will give you more in depth training for Sage X3 in areas such as General Ledger, customer statements, Fixed Assets, Sage Enterprise Intelligence and administration and security.

Download the Full Training Program Synopsis: 

Sage X3 Training Program Synopsis

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