Why you should Upgrade to Sage 500 2016

Upgrading to Sage 500 2016 will give your business access to better operational control, time saving measures and tools to connect your business. Learn what the 2016 upgrades have to offer and how they could be beneficial to your organization.

Better inventory management

Despite the value of the data, years of inventory transactions can clog up your system and slow down processes such as look-ups and report generation. The new purging transaction function in the 2016 version allows you to purge and streamline data so you can avoid managing large historical files or cluttered inventory data. However, you can still gain access to important purged data by searching based on the purge date.

Stay organized with Color-coding

If you run multiple companies in Sage 500, make it easy to quickly determine which company you are working on by color coding each company. The color-coding feature helps prevent you from mixing companies up and making unnecessary entry errors.

Easily compare data and spot trends

Sage 500 2016 allows you to navigate between records with the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons. Being able to quickly jump back and forth between records makes it easy to compare data and stop trends.


The new Accounts button on the Bank Transaction Entry screen in General Ledger simplify the allocation and distribution of entries. A new Credit Card payment method has been added to ‘Set Up Payment Methods’ which will allow you to process invoices for payment, create a manual payment entry or apply a payment in ‘Apply Payment and Memos’ using a credit card payment method.

Customer Memo Options

Designate which processes will display memos such as shipments or returns. You can also prioritize memos to flag key information about your customers and view the total number of existing memos for a customer. This control over customer memos helps ensure that key information isn’t missed and errors are minimized.

Design reports that deliver the information you need

Create better reports with the updated Sage Intelligence Reporting Designer, the comes complete with a fresh modern design.

If you have any questions about Sage 500 or are considering upgrading your system, contact The Answer Company at info@theanswerco.com