Visibility for Investors Use Your Metrics to Win Funding with Sage SaaS Intelligence

Securing venture capital (VC) funding is a competitive endeavor that hinges significantly on your ability to present your company as a viable and promising investment. For VC firms, the decision to invest is not just about your product or service but also about the company’s operational and financial health, growth trajectory, and potential for scalability. This is where Sage SaaS Intelligence becomes invaluable.

What is Sage SaaS Intelligence, and how can it help you secure the funding you’re seeking?

Understanding the SaaS Conundrum

SaaS companies, by nature, operate differently. Your relationship with a customer is continuous, evolving, and largely pegged to subscription renewals, upgrades, and the like. You don’t just want to see your revenue — you want insights into committed monthly recurring revenue (CMRR), churn, customer retention costs, and more. Missing out on these metrics means missing out on a cohesive view of your business’s health, thereby leaving revenue growth strategies to mere guesswork. 

Unfortunately, typical financial reporting tools aren’t designed to provide these metrics—leaving many growing companies — and their potential investors — scrambling for answers. 



Sage SaaS Intelligence — The SaaS Metric Maven

Sage SaaS Intelligence by Sage Intacct is a cloud-based SaaS metrics application tailor-made for SaaS and subscription-based B2B companies. It completely automates the process of tracking financial transactions, including new contracts, orders, and other subscription activity and their impact on recurring revenue and other critical SaaS financial metrics. It’s an efficient and effective solution that enables organizations to measure the health of their subscription business.

The traditional Excel-based SaaS financial models have significant drawbacks. They are immediately outdated, require tedious manual processing, and are susceptible to errors. Sage SaaS Intelligence eliminates these issues by providing real-time, automatic, reliable, and highly insightful metrics. In addition, its seamless integration with Sage Intacct ensures that financial and operational metrics unite to deliver a comprehensive business overview.

SaaS Intelligence offers several SaaS-specific dashboards and ensures businesses can view their metrics through varied lenses. From growth metrics and customer retention to unit economics and product-based insights, these dashboards deliver a holistic understanding of your company’s health.

Some dashboard highlights include:

  • Growth Dashboard: Emphasizes CMRR, revenue growth, and more.
  • Product Dashboard: Offers insights by product, including CMRR and renewal rates.
  • Retention Dashboard: Focuses on customer and revenue renewal metrics.
  • Audit Dashboard: Validates financial CMRR calculations and metrics.
  • Unit Economics Dashboard: Highlights metrics like Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and Customer Retention Costs (CRC).
Sage Intacct Salesforce Implementation
Time is Money — Real-time Connection to Salesforce

We routinely hear from the SaaS companies we speak with about their challenges trying to draw insights from the data held in multiple disparate applications — one of which being Salesforce. With Sage Intacct and SaaS Intelligence, the connection between Salesforce, Salesforce CPQ, and your financials operates in real-time, continually updating sales transactions in Sage Intacct. This real-time update capability ensures metrics like monthly recurring revenue (MRR), churn, renewal, and CAC are always current. For the C-suite, this means no more late nights before board meetings updating spreadsheets — just fresh, accurate insights at the click of a button.

Metrics that Make a Mark

With SaaS Intelligence, not only can you get a bird’s eye view, but you can also deep dive into details with drill-downs into source data, performance cards, reports, and more. You can instantly access trends and benchmark comparisons, empowering your business to be agile and make data-backed decisions.

Importantly, for SaaS companies looking to charm investors, Sage Intacct and SaaS Intelligence deliver accurate and transparent metrics available on demand. For early-stage companies, proving your revenue model becomes easier with fast access to metrics like CLTV and CAC. Those in the growth stage can quickly demonstrate the efficacy of their recurring revenue model with insights into CMRR changes, upsells, revenue churn, and more. Mature companies can highlight profitability with metrics such as gross margin.



Give Investors the Confidence They Need

In the pursuit of venture capital funding, visibility is pivotal. The more transparent and comprehensive your metrics, the more confidence investors will have in your business. In conjunction with Sage Intacct, Sage SaaS Intelligence ensures that SaaS companies have the right tools to present the most compelling version of their business story. SaaS is VC firms’ most popular investment category, and investors have many choices. In such a  competitive landscape, it’s not enough to measure your metrics — make them matter with Sage Intacct and SaaS Intelligence. 

The Answer Company works with SaaS companies from start-up through maturity, helping them attract and sustain funding and long-term success. Reach out to a member of our team with questions about Sage Intacct or Sage SaaS Intelligence.