What’s in Store for Healthcare CFOs in 2021? Healthcare Trends and Predictions 2021

The changes for healthcare in 2020 were significant and many.  As a CFO, if you’re feeling a bit exhausted by change, you are not alone.  As we enter the New Year, what challenges will healthcare organizations face?

2021 Healthcare Trends and Predictions

The following three predictions were published recently by Brian Bogie, Director of Healthcare Industry Marketing at Sage Intacct.

  1. Cost control will be paramount in 2021, and Activity-Based Cost Accounting will be business-critical in a post-COVID world
  2. Healthcare will adopt a Doordash model for delivery of their services: whether these “Hospital at Home” healthcare organizations will succeed depends on how they get paid – and from whom
  3. HIPAA and security breaches will become a greater issue for healthcare organizations

Familiar, perennial challenges still need to be addressed

The most common struggle for healthcare CFOs that we see is the challenge of consolidations for multi-entity, multi-location organizations.  Healthcare CFOs must contend with:

  • Expansion of facilities and service lines across regions and states
  • The varying and changing nature of accounting rules as regulatory frameworks evolve
  • Emphasis on growing the business through both organic new ventures or by acquiring others
  • Increasing inter-relationships and inter-company activities between entities within the parent company

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Addressing the challenges of consolidation using a single, cloud-based financial system tool can propel your healthcare organization forward.  

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More than ever, CFOs find themselves data-rich, but time-poor.  A truly integrated cloud-based financial system can automate the consolidation process, reintroducing quality and trust.  Senior healthcare executives can view timely information with confidence which enhances finances credibility and opens the door to new opportunities to add value.  

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